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Sunday, 27th March, 2022
1. Small X-Poles (Lead Rein Welcome) - 10.00
2. 30cm Novice = No fillers, No oxers - all fences 30cm. - 10.00
3. 40cm Novice = No fillers, No oxers - all fences 40cm. - 10.00
4. 50cm Novice = No fillers, No oxers - all fences 50cm. - 10.00
5a. 60cm Junior No fillers, - 10.00
5b. 60cm Senior No fillers - 10.00
6a. 70cm Junior - 10.00
6b. 70cm Senior - 10.00
7a. 80cm Junior. - 10.00
7b. 80cm Senior - 10.00
8a. 90cm Junior. - 10.00
8b. 90cm Senior. - 10.00
9a. 1m Junior - 10.00
9b. 1m Senior - 10.00

Open Show Jumping  - Taw River Equine Events Equestrian Event Notes


Refunds Policy for 2022

Refunds are to be requested by emailing , please include full riders name/horse, show and class entered.

• Any rider may cancel their entries earlier than one week before the first day of the show, this will entitle them to a full refund of entries.

• Entries cancelled within one week of the show will be given a maximum refund of 50%.

• Entries cancelled within 48 hours before the event will not receive a refund.

• Should any horse/rider be unable to compete due to injury a full refund on
cancelled classes will be given subject to confirmation by veterinary Surgeon/Doctor.

 We will not accept refund requests via Facebook/Facebook chat.
 Please allow up to 7 days for us to respond.

Rules & Regulations 2022

Classes that are split a/b (juniors and seniors) will be combined if there are less than 3 entries in either section.

Downe Farm and Taw River Equine Events, nor any of their officers, servants or agents
shall in any way be liable for any accident, injury, damage or loss or for anything that may
happen (from any cause or circumstance whatsoever) to exhibitors, competitors, or
members of the general public or their servants, agents or anyone on the showground, or
for any loss, claim matter, circumstance or event whatsoever in connection with or arising
out of nor attributable to the show or any journey to or from the show.

No individual for which he/she is responsible as owners, lessee, agent or rider to compete or
be prepared to compete in any competition without taking adequate precautions to ensure
that other members of the public are not put at any risk of injury.

All exhibitors and competitors are particularly requested to read these rules and regulations
carefully in addition to the special conditions applicable to the various classes, class
transfers and withdrawals.

Entries will only be accepted and competitors allowed to compete on the clear
understanding that they agree to comply with and be bound by these Rules & Regulations.
The show organisers, Downe Farm/Taw River, reserve to themselves the right to cancel, add to or
amend any of the competitions as they may see fit.

The show organisers reserve the right to remove any vehicle or chattels which are
obstructing any access to or on the showground even if locked, secured, unattended and
braked and they will not be liable for any injury, loss or damage etc.
The show organiser will appoint two Chief Stewards to deal with acts of misconduct on the

The land owner reserves the right to remove any individual from the premises for any
reason that they feel appropriate.

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