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Sunday, 16th January, 2022
Non-member day ticket fee - 5.00
Clear round (70cm) - 5.00
70cm - 12.00
80cm - 12.00
90cm - 12.00
100cm - 12.00
110cm - 12.00
120cm - 12.00

ECCTG Show Jumping Equestrian Event Notes


Clear round and then two phase classes at 70cm, 80cm, 90cm, 100cm, 110cm, 120cm

Open to non members age 15+. Social distancing rules apply - see Ts and CS below.

Please only contact the organiser or ECCTG committee about this event, do not contact the venue directly as they are not organising the competition.

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ECCTG Show Jumping Horse Event Terms and conditions

Event Terms & Conditions

This is an ECCTG event and all competitors, by entering, agree to abide by ECCTG rules (

Open to non-members (15+ and riding horses 14.2hh+) upon payment of the £5 day ticket fee - applicable once per rider per competition and purchased by entering the "day ticket" class. Membership for 2021 is £30 and payable via horsemonkey (

All competitors and any supporters/owners must follow social distancing and behave accordingly;

Please wash hands frequently and cover mouth/nose when coughing/sneezing
Anyone with any covid symptoms should not be attending as a competitor or supporter

One rider and one support person only horse.
One owner per horse / Two owners per horse if from the same household, no further spectators.
Dogs not permitted at this time

The collecting ring will be limited to 10 horses and 6 people on foot (including ECCTG team on poo picking duty). Please respect the instructions of the ECCTG team if they ask you to leave the area or keep apart from people. Remember we are all volunteers!
Gloves to be worn by anyone altering the jumps in the warm up and SJ main arena

We ask that competitors maintain social distancing when riding and, once you have finished competing, you leave the site as promptly as possible.

Contact details will be requested at the point of entry; phone number and postcode must be provided at a minimum.

Somerford's vaccination policy is 12 months – no lapses

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