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Speedgate Events (I-AM)+FS Horse Event Classes


Saturday, 23rd April, 2022
1 - Preliminary 17A 2017 - S - 23.00
Sponsor: The Centre Line
2 - Preliminary 19 2008 - S - 23.00
Sponsor: The Centre Line
3 - Freestyle Music Preliminary 2016 - S - 23.00
4 - Novice 23 2012 - 23.00
5 - Novice 37A 2017 - S - 23.00
6 - Freestyle Music Novice 2019 - S - 23.00
7 - Elementary 45 2010 - 23.00
8 - Elementary 53 2007 - S - 23.00
Sponsor: Equitop
9 - Freestyle Music Elementary 2019 - S - 23.00
10 - Medium 69 2005 - 23.00
11 - Medium 73 2007 - S - 23.00
Sponsor: TopSpec
12 - Freestyle Music Medium 2016 - S - 23.00
13 - Advanced Medium 98 2002 - S - 23.00
Sponsor: Andrews Bowen
14 - Advanced Medium 91 2016 - S - 23.00
Sponsor: Andrews Bowen
15 - Freestyle Music Advanced Medium 2016 - S - 23.00

Speedgate Events (I-AM)+FS Equestrian Event Notes


Our dressage competitions are held on our two recently resurfaced 60x20 fibre mix arenas.
- We have a well stocked Saddlery and Feed Barn on site.
- There are hot and cold refreshments available in the coffee shop.
- Every horse/pony competing at our shows must be accompanied by a valid equine passport with proof of up to date annual vaccinations. No photocopies will be accepted. Any persons not able to present these documents will not be allowed to compete and may forfeit their entry fees. They will also be required to leave the showground immediately.

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Speedgate Events (I-AM)+FS Horse Event Terms and conditions

Event Terms & Conditions

Speedgate Events Terms & Conditions
1. This is an agreement between Speedgate Enterprises Limited (“the Management”) and the rider, whether mounted or in-hand (“the Rider”), it covers attendance at any show or event held on the premises and hiring or use of any of the facilities
2. Opening hours of the premises are limited to daylight hours only; there is to be no riding before dawn or after dusk.
3. All riders under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times while on the premises.
4. Riders must keep to designated warm up/ competition areas. No horses to be schooled or lunged in the car park or any other areas.
5. Hard hats conforming to the current BETA safety standard must be worn by all mounted riders at all times.
6. Please respect other riders on the premises. Any riders found to be riding in a dangerous way will be asked to leave the premises immediately.
7. Vehicles are only allowed on the premises in the designated parking areas
8. Pedestrians and dogs on leads are only allowed on the premises in the designated parking areas and on established public rights of way.
9. Cars, horseboxes, horse trailers or property remain the responsibility of the owner; the Management accepts no responsibility for accidents, losses and/or damage to vehicles and property while on the premises.
10. Be aware whilst you are riding that there are some rabbit holes and other hazards on the premises. Every effort is made to mark these clearly for your safety but please be vigilant. If you find fresh holes or hazards which are not marked please let us know either via Speedgate Feed Barn, Fawkham or email events@speedgate.co.uk
11. All horses or ponies should not be left unattended when tied to a horse box or trailer. No mucking out of horse boxes or trailers on the showground.
12. Every horse/pony must be accompanied by a valid equine passport and proof of up to date vaccinations. If documents can not be produced, you will not be permitted to compete and may forfeit any entry fees.
13. Farm machinery & farm traffic must be given priority.
14. The Management makes every effort to ensure the safety of all of its facilities. However, members are reminded that riding is a high risk sport and all activities are undertaken at their own risk.
15. By riding or exercising horses on the premises the Rider guarantees that they are competent in their own ability to ride or exercise their horse.
16. All Riders are required to maintain their own Horse & Rider Liability Insurance at all times while on the premises or using the facilities.
17. The Management reserves the right to close the facilities for safety reasons at any time without prior notice.
18. The Management reserves the right to refuse entry onto the premises for any reason. Any Rider who contravenes these terms will be asked to leave the premises.
19. Speedgate Enterprises Ltd reserve the right to refuse entry or make changes to a class with out stating a reason. No entries will be refunded, unless a medical or veterinary certificate is produced.
I have read the above Terms & Conditions and agree to abide by them at all times

Signed: ________________________________ Name: ____________________________________ Date: _______________
Emergency Contact Details
The postcode is DA3 8NJ.
Our Grid Reference for the farm is 557795 165835.
Out of hours emergency please call 05600 040 465.
The local hospital is Darenth Valley Hospital, Darenth Wood Road, Dartford, Kent, DA2 8DA; Telephone 01322 428100

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