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Friday, 3rd December, 2021
1A - 70cms JUNIORS - 13.00
1B - 70cms SENIORS - 13.00
2A - 80cms JUNIORS - 13.00
2B - 80cms SENIORS - 13.00
3A - 90cms JUNIORS - 13.00
3B - 90cms SENIORS - 13.00
4A - 1m JUNIORS - 13.00
4B - 1m SENIORS - 13.00
5A - 1.05 m JUNIORS - 13.00
5B - 1.05 m SENIORS - 13.00
6A - 1.10m JUNIORS - 13.00
6B - 1.10m SENIORS - 13.00
7A - 1.15m JUNIORS - 13.00
7B - 1.15m SENIORS - 13.00
8A - 1.20m JUNIORS - 13.00
8B - 1.20m SENIORS - 13.00

Unaff SJ Equestrian Event Notes


**SPONSORED BY BAILEYS FEEDS with prizes for every class***
All classes will be split in to Junior (under 18), Senior (18 years and above). Ages are taken on the day.
Will be run as single-phase - all riders, regardless off faults in first section, will complete the two sections, with the second section being timed,
Winter SJ Leagues - Points are awarded on placings. 1st - 10 points, 2nd - 9 points, etc. For both seniors and juniors. Then there will be a prize at the end of the season for the rider/horse/pony combination with the most points. If a junior becomes a senior over the season then their points will carry over to the senior league.
Class times will be available for each class on Friday 8th October. Limited entries will be taken on the day but only for riders already entered in at least one class.
Photographer - There will be a photographer at the competition. If you do not want to be photographed please let the organiser know.

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