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Tuesday, 30th November, 2021
80cm Training Round - 10.00
90cm Training Round - 10.00
1m Training Round - 10.00
1.10m Training Round - 10.00
1.20m Training Round - 10.00
1.30m Training Round - 10.00

Senior Training Show Equestrian Event Notes


NO Registration
NO Points
No Eliminations
Great for Young Horses, BUT all welcome.
Course Builder Andrew Millin BS Level 4
Aiming to provide flowing, spacious & inviting courses.
Young Horse Ground Poles.

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Arrival & Parking
• Arrival, all entries MUST be in advance. Do not turn up on the day and expect to enter.
• All tacking up and preparation of horses must take place within your designated parking area.

Jumping Arenas,
• All classes will Jump in the Main Arena.

Practice Arena Ettiquete
• A maximum of four riders are allowed in the jumping warm up at one time. The collecting ring will be one way only.

• Hand sanitiser will be available throughout the venue. Please use on a regular basis.
• Catering will be available for takeaway service.
• Toilets will have a hand sanitizing station outside.

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