4690- Trainers List 2021 Horse Event

4690- Trainers List 2021

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Friday, 22nd October, 2021
4690- Trainers List 2021 - 30.00

4690- Trainers List 2021 Equestrian Event Notes


Membership for the trainers list runs from 1st January - 31 December. You must be a Full or Premier Club member to be part of the list. The cost is £30 for the year and in order to be accepted an published on the Trainers Database you must provide in date compliance documentation such as First Aid, Safeguarding and Insurance. DBS checks are only required if you wish to deliver BD Youth training. To remain a BD Accredited or Recognised coach you must be a member of the trainers list and hold in date compliance documentation, failure to do so could result in accredited or recognised status being removed.

Joining the trainers list enables your details to be shared with our membership via the find a trainer page on the website, as well as the members rule book. Therefore meaning you will be exposed to over 17’000 knowledge-craving members, enabling you to expand your clientele, and raise your profile as a dressage coach.

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4690- Trainers List 2021 Horse Event Terms and conditions

Event Terms & Conditions

If it is discovered that false information has been provided the trainer will be instantly removed from the list.

Spot checks will be carried out every month, with trainers being asked to provide a copy of their certificates. If this is requested of you, you will have 10 working days to provide these copies.

This information may be shared with Regional Development Officers, Regional Reps, Show Venues etc for the purposes on ongoing training. It will also be displayed online through our 'Find a Trainer' page of the website.

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