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Saturday, 23rd October, 2021
Novice Open - Novice 28 - 14.00
Prelim Open - Prelim 18 - 14.00
Restricted Prelim - Prelim 18 - 14.00
Restricted Intro - Intro C - 14.00
Intro Open - Intro C - 14.00

Unaffiliated Dressage Show Equestrian Event Notes


If you have to withdraw on the day of the competition, please contact Eilidh on 07584571927

Rules and Regulations
1. This competition is open to non-liveries.
2. Rider/horse combinations are restricted to only compete at the level either one up or down from any given class they enter for example if you enter the Intro you cannot enter the Novice too.
3. The restriced section of each class is intended for people starting out at a level. If you or your horse has won a class at that level more than 3 times please enter the open section.
4. The Walk and Trot Intro Class is intended to encourage inexperienced horse and rider combinations to take part in Dressage Competitions. and is solely intended particularly for those that are not proficient at cantering a 20 metre circle.
5. All competitions are run under the current British Dressage Rules and all Riding Hats and tack must comply with their rules.
6. No refunds will be given after the closing date.
7. We ask all riders to be considerate and keep the horsebox/trailer parking area clean. Please collect and take home litter and horse droppings. Please park all trailers and lorries as close to each other as possible in the car park as we have limited parking.
8. No dogs are allowed on the yard at any time.
9. Please park cars by the main yard or in the overflow car park and no behind the indoor as this is designated for lorries and trailers.
10. There will not be a first aider at the event and all riders ride at their own risk.
11. Riders under 18 must be accompanied by parent or guardian.
12. If a rider is deemed to be riding dangerously they may be asked to leave and their entry will not be refunded.
13.. Directions to Oxenfoord Livery Yard can be found on google or by visiting our facebook page.
14. All score sheets will be posted on horse monkey. Sheets and rosettes will be available in the office after the event or if you wish to have them posted then please leave a large envelope and stamp with your address details.

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Please ensure you bring your own bridle numbers as they will not be provided!

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