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Friday, 1st October, 2021
Tammy Ruffles UKCC2 PAYG Flexi Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex
Nikki Tottman UKCC2 Flexi PAYG Herts, Bucks
Nicky Jacques UKCC2 Flexi PAYG Sussex
Janine Lamy UKCC2 Flexi PAYG Kent
Daniel Timpson UKCC2 Flexi PAYG Sussex
Monday, 1st November, 2021
Andrew Gould UKCC3 Flexi Training - PAYG Sussex
Leanne Wall UKCC4 Flexi Training - PAYG Kent
Char Lassetter, UKCC3 Flexi PAYG Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Essex
Jess Thompson - UKCC3 Flexi PAYG Essex, Suffolk Para and Able Bodied
Emma McGurk UKCC3 Flexi PAYG Kent, Sussex
Jane Randal UKCC3 Flexi PAYG Berks, Oxfordshire, Hants
Jess Griffiths UKCC3 Flexi PAYG Herts and surrounding counties
Lindsey Dawes UKCC3 Flexi PAYG Berks
Alison Short UKCC3 Flexi PAYG Sussex
Amy Blount UKCC3 Flexi PAYG Berks
Becky Moody UKCC3 Flexi PAYG Suffolk
Daisy Coakley UKCC3 Flexi PAYG Herts, Beds, Bucks
Dan Sherriff UKCC3 Flexi PAYG Herts
Elly Darling UKCC3 Flexi PAYG Suffolk
Hannah Biggs UKCC3 Flexi PAYG Kent
Hayley Liddiard UKCC3 Flexi PAYG Essex, Herts, Cambs
Julie Hugo Ross UKCC3 Flexi PAYG Herts, Essex, Suffolk
Katrina Cantrell UKCC3 Flexi PAYG Berks
Levi Hunt UKCC3 Flexi PAYG Kent and other areas
Liza McQuiston UKCC3 Flexi PAYG Para and able bodied Norfolk
Lynn Perry UKCC3 Flexi PAYG Suffolk
Maddie Burchell UKCC3 Flexi PAYG Kent, Surrey, Sussex
Ruth Hurst UKCC3 Flexi PAYG Suffolk, Cambs, Essex, Norfolk
Sharon Edwards UKCC3 Flexi PAYG Kent
Shelley Brooks UKCC3 Flexi PAYG Essex
Katie Dartnell UKCC3 Flexi PAYG Essex
Rob Waine UKCC3 Flexi PAYG Bucks
Sue McMahon UKCC3 Flexi PAYG Berks
Jessica Gale UKCC2 Flexi PAYG Surrey, Sussex, Hants
Kim Ratcliffe UKCC3 Flexi PAYG Herts, Essex, Cambs, Suffolk, London Para and Able Bodied
Teresa Edmonds UKCC3 Flexi PAYG Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambs

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ALL DATES - Record your training here
Flexi Training is a great way of accessing BD UKCC Qualified Coaches across the region at a mutually convenient time. These great coaches welcome riders at all levels and invite you to make contact. They share the ethos of developing you and your horse or pony, building our regional teams and creating a community of riders across the region. You can also be reassured that they are insured and their DBS, Safeguarding and First Aid are up to date.
You can book a session with a coach of your choice on your regional bookwhen site. The Information will tell you their home coaching location, any specialisms such as BD Youth or Para coach, and may also list other venues where you can arrange to have your session (additional venue charges may apply). You are provided with contact details and can arrange your session at a mutually convenient time and date, quoting your booking reference. Each booking is valid for three months against a code we use to record your training and on your confirmation email. We are now Pay as You go, so you will pay either by bacs at the time of booking or on the day direct to your coach.

YOUTH COACHES have had additional training and can also assess Rider Skills Tests
Please note that YOUTH SQUAD assessments can only be completed on an organised day advertised on the BD Youth Page.

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Bookings already made through Bookwhen have been recorded. All further Flexi recording will be through Horse Monkey

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