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Tuesday, 20th July, 2021
9-10am Session - 15.00
10-11am Session - 15.00
11-12pm Session - 15.00
12-1pm Session - 15.00
1-2pm Session - 15.00
2-3pm Session - 15.00
3-4pm Session - 15.00
4-5pm Session - 15.00
5-6pm Session - 15.00

TLE Arena Hire Equestrian Event Notes


Arena hire £15 for first horse, £10 for each extra horse/pony (max 4 per session)

Bookings can only be made and paid for online here. Any changes or cancellations must be made within 24 hours of your booking time for a full refund, or a credit voucher. Please email us in that instance.
In completing your booking, you will be agreeing to the terms of our disclaimer which is under 'schedule'

If you have any queries, please email and if you require any assistance on the day of your booking - please call Samantha on 07931 629794.

It is absolutely imperative that every person visiting the premises adheres to the social distancing requirements as per the government guidelines which can be found at

Please obey the following instructions whilst visiting our premises;
* You are NOT allowed to enter the yard - if you have an issue in the lorry park or with the facility you are using, please call : 07931 629794 or 07815 950156 where assistance will be offered.

* Please adhere to social distancing measures and park your lorry/trailer responsibly.
* Please only use the facility you have booked and DO NOT bring more horses than you have booked/paid for.

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