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Junior Fun Day Horse Event Classes


Saturday, 21st August, 2021
Intro B - under 10s - 7.00
Intro B - 11-16years - 7.00
Intro C - under 10s
- 7.00
Intro C - 11-16 years - 7.00
P2-under 10s - 7.00
P2 - 11-16 year - 7.00
P7- under 10s - 7.00
P7 - 11-16 years - 7.00
Clear round 30-40cms - 6.00
Clear round 40-50cms - 6.00
Clear round 50-60cms - 6.00
In-hand - Best turned out - 5.00
In-hand, Young Handler, under 10s - 5.00
In-hand, Young handler 11-16 years - 5.00

Junior Fun Day Equestrian Event Notes


Junior Fun Practice day

*A show for all under 16years old's only.
*Lead rein allowed
* Rosettes for all

Have a practice at one or more dressage tests and leave with some helpful feedback from the judge. Rosettes for each competitor and a prize for the highest score from each class.

Clear round
A welcoming course of 8 upright fences. No eliminations and a rosette for each round. A packet of treats for every clear round.

In-hand showing
In-hand classes with placing 1st-6th. Max number in a class will be 6. Classes will be split into 2 or more sections if numbers allow.

It's all about having FUN.

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