TC&DHC Membership 2021 Horse Event

TC&DHC Membership 2021

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Sunday, 25th July, 2021
2021 Senior Membership (£1 postage added at Services Checkout) - 10.00
2021 Junior Membership (£1 postage added at Services Checkout) - 10.00
2021 Non-Competitive Membership (£1 postage added at Services Checkout) - 6.00

TC&DHC Membership 2021 Equestrian Event Notes


Whilst Covid-19 restrictions are in place, all of our events and competitions are available to members only.

TC&DHC is a friendly grassroots riding club based on the Fylde Coast. Training and competitions are regularly held, with monthly points shows taking place, this year, between July and September. We are affiliated to STARS Champion of Champions for 2021.

Look out for your confirmation email which will include your new membership number. You will need this number when entering any TC&DHC event using Horse Monkey. If you haven't received confirmation of membership within two weeks please email

Your membership card and back number will be sent to your home address once your application has been processed.

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TC&DHC Membership 2021 Horse Event Terms and conditions

Event Terms & Conditions

Club Rules & Regulations
1. In any dispute, the Committee’s decision is final.
2. The Committee cannot be held responsible for injury, damage, theft etc. during the Club’s activities.
3. Any abuse to Judges, Stewards or Officials of the Club, by any member, their representatives, handlers or grooms will result in a one year ban and loss of all points for the season.
4. The decision of the judge on the day, in all classes, will be final.
5. No competitor is to complain to the judge directly. Complaints must be lodged in writing to either the Secretary or Chairman with a deposit of £25.00 within 15 minutes of the class ending. The deposit will be forfeited if the objection is not sustained.
6. The Secretary of Thornton Cleveleys and District Horse Club must be informed of any Health and Safety issues which occur on the show ground. This must then be entered into the Accident Book.
7. There is to be no riding on the show field other than at official events organised by Thornton Cleveleys and District Horse Club.
8. Galloping on the field is forbidden, unless at the request of the Judge. Trot and Canter must only be undertaken in designated areas of the showground, including Rings and Working-In areas. Members caught abusing this rule risk cancellation of their membership.
9. In the interest of safety, no lunging will be allowed on the showground.
10. Horses/Ponies must be loaded/unloaded on the showground.
11. A fall of the horse/pony or rider/handler will result in elimination from the class and the combination must leave the ring dismounted.
12. Any animal not kept sufficiently under control may be asked to leave the showground immediately by any Judge, Steward or Official of the Club.
13. Senior members are those who have attained their 17th Birthday before the 1st January 2021.
14. Junior members are those who have not attained their 17th birthday before the 1st January 2021.
15. A child who has not attained their 3rd birthday at the 1st January 2021 may not compete in any class.
16. All horse/pony and rider/handler ages are at the 1st January 2021 and will remain throughout the season.
17. No horse/pony 3years or under may be ridden on the showground.
18. Stallions/Colts, up to 3years old, may enter In Hand classes and must be handled by a person over the age of 16 years.
19. Any animal in poor condition will not be eligible to compete.
20. The excessive use of whips on the show ground is forbidden.
21. Whips should not exceed 30”/ 76cms.
22. Spurs may only be worn by Senior riders.
23. Regulation Hard Hats and Safety Harness must be worn by all riders, at all times, when mounted. Junior Members must wear a hard hat in all In-Hand classes. All handlers are strongly advised to adhere to this rule.
24. Correct riding dress must be worn by all riders (unless otherwise stated). Handlers must be smartly dressed.
25. Non-Competitive entries are not permitted in any class.
26. All classes are pre-entry only and must be entered using the system provided by the Club. All entries will close at 17:00 the evening prior to the show/event.
27. The Committee reserves the right to alter or cancel any class or timing of classes if necessary.
28. The Committee reserves the right to close pre-entries early for any class where capacity limits have been reached. Where demand is maintained, the Committee reserves the right to split the class for the purposes of judging.
29. It is the responsibility of the competitor to ensure that they are entered into the correct class.
30. Entry fees will not be refunded.
31. Thornton Cleveleys and District Horse Club will retain all membership and entry records for two years after the membership period has expired. Any request to remove details from our records should be addressed to the Secretary.
32. The name of the horse/pony should be maintained for the entire season as points are awarded for combination of animal/rider. This will avoid two sets of points being started.
33. If required, the Points System may be viewed at any time subject to a valid query.
34. Members are only eligible for points after their membership has been accepted and a membership card has been issued.
35. Points are awarded for all classes, unless otherwise stated, as follows:
• 1st place = 5 points + 1 attendance point
• 2nd place = 4 points + 1 attendance point
• 3rd place = 3 points + 1 attendance point
• 4th place = 2 points + 1 attendance point
• 5th place = 1 point + 1 attendance point.
36. To be eligible for the attendance point, the member must present their horse/pony for the class.
37. In the event of times clashing it is up to the competitor to decide which class they will compete in. Once a class has been called, competitors have 10 minutes to enter the ring. Following this, the ring will be closed.
38. It is the competitor’s responsibility to ensure they get to the rings at the correct time.
39. All animals entering the showground should have an up to date vaccination for Equine Flu.
40. Judging/Scoring of specific classes are as follows:
a. Best Turned Out
i. 30% cleanliness, condition and correctness of tack
ii. 30% cleanliness and preparation of the horse/pony
iii. 30% neatness of rider (and handler if on lead-rein)
iv. 10% overall impression.
b. Tiny Tots, Young, Junior Handler
i. 50% ability of handler
ii. 25% suitability of age/height of pony and handler
iii. 25% overall impression.
c. Equitation
i. 50% rider’s use of seat and aids
ii. 25% rider’s position
iii. 25% suitability of partnership and overall impression.

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