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Sunday, 21st November, 2021
Intro B (2009) 20mx40m - 12.00
Prelim 1 (2006) 20mx40m - 12.00
Prelim 15 (2008) 20mx60m - 12.00
Novice 24 (2010) 20mx40m - 12.00
Novice 37A (2017) 20mx60m - 12.00
Elementary 49 (2009) 20mx40m - 12.00
Elementary 59 (2010) 20x60 - 12.00

Unaffiliated Dressage Equestrian Event Notes


All unaffiliated classes are run in accordance with the relevant governing body;
British Dressage (BD) or British Show Jumping (BS).
• Correct riding attire to be worn at all times when riding. It is compulsory to
wear a securely fastened hard hat to a minimum standard PAS 015.
• Neither the organisers nor any persons acting on their behalf accepts any
liability for loss, damage, accident or injury or illness to horses, riders,
spectators or any other person, vehicle or property whatsoever.
• All horses and ponies must be four years old and over. Age to be taken from
the 1st January.
• Stallions may only be entered if specific permission is given by
the organiser (unless BD classes).
• All horses must have passports and current vaccination against tetanus and flu.
The organiser reserves the right to request to see documentation on arrival.
• Horses must not be left unattended if tied to horse boxes or trailers.
• Please take your litter home or use the bins provided. Please remove any
droppings or hay from the lorry park before leaving.
• The organisers reserve the right to refuse entry without giving a
• The organisers reserve the right to cancel or alter any class.
• Withdrawals and refunds: Riders who withdraw BEFORE the close of entries
and provide a veterinary or doctor’s certificate will have 50%
of their entry fee refunded or transferred to a later show. NO REFUNDS will be
made to those who withdraw AFTER the close of entries.
• Smoking is not permitted anywhere other than in designated
smoking areas.
• Dogs must be kept on leads at all times and are not permitted in the
viewing gallery.
• The decision of the Judge and / or organiser is final.
• Any objections should be given in writing within 10 minutes of the end
of the class.
• Failure to comply with rules and regulations will result in
• If an event must be cancelled or postponed for any reason this information will
be highlighted on the website at www.hadlow.ac.uk/equineevents and on the facebook page @hadlowcollegeequine

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