Dressage League FINAL  Horse Event

Dressage League FINAL

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Sunday, 10th October, 2021
Class 1 Introduction to Dressage League can be Led or off Lead RDA Introduction to Dressage Championship test (2020) Walk and trot - 12.00
Class 2a Intro Warm up Intro B - 12.00
Class 2 Intro League - Intro A - 12.00
Class 3 Lower Prelim League Prelim 1 - 12.00
Class 4 Higher Prelim League Prelim 14 - 12.00
Class 5a Novice Warm up Novice 30 - 12.00
Class 5 Novice League Novice 28 - 12.00
Class 6 Elementary League Elementary 49 - 12.00

Dressage League FINAL  Equestrian Event Notes


Arrive, Compete and Leave results will be posted online after the Finish of the competition please leave a SAE with a Large Letter Stamp for your test and Rosette.

Rider and horse combination can Compete in 2 consecutive Leagues or a Warm up and League

Trailers park in front field, lorries in Car park, warm up in Show Jumping Field.


Please use the gate Disinfectant and Hand sanitiser provided.
Please only Bring 1 adult helper per competitor.
Arrive Compete and Leave minimising foot traffic.

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