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Sunday, 3rd October, 2021
9:30am-10am ADULT - 30.00
9:30am-10am CHILD (14yrs and under) - 20.00
10am-10:30am ADULT - 30.00
10am-10:30am CHILD (14yrs and under) - 20.00
10:30am-11am ADULT - 30.00
10:30am-11am CHILD (14yrs and under) - 20.00
11am-11:30am ADULT - 30.00
11am-11:30am CHILD (14yrs and under) - 20.00
11:30am-12pm ADULT - 30.00
11:30am-12pm CHILD (14yrs and under) - 20.00
12pm-12:30pm ADULT - 30.00
12pm-12:30pm CHILD (14yrs and under) - 20.00
12:30pm-1pm ADULT - 30.00
12:30pm-1pm CHILD (14yrs and under) - 20.00

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Event Terms & Conditions

Equine Influenza Requirements: All Horses and Ponies coming to the Fun Ride must have had their first 2 vaccinations of the course and/or a booster within the last 12 months. 6 monthly boosters are recommended. Passports will be checked.

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