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Sunday, 9th May, 2021
Youngstock in Hand - 6.00
Veteran in Hand - 6.00
Coloured in Hand - 6.00
Miniature in Hand. - 6.00
Part Bred in Hand - 6.00
Ridden Veteran Horse or Pony - 6.00
Ridden Cob - 6.00
Ridden Riding Horse, Hack - 6.00
Open Ridden Hunter - 6.00
Ridden Coloured Horse or Pony - 6.00
Ridden Part breds - 6.00
Open Tack and Turnout - 6.00
Lead rein combination - 6.00
First ridden combination
Best Combination - 6.00
Best Combination Open - 6.00
Best Rider - 6.00
Ridden Show/ Hunter Pony - 6.00
M & M Lead Rein First Ridden - 6.00
M &M Small Breeds Ridden - 6.00
M & M Large Breeds Ridden - 6.00
Novice Working Hunter Pony - 6.00
Working Hunter Pony - 6.00
Mountain and Moorland Working Hunter Pony - 6.00
Novice Working Hunter- exceeding 153 cms - 6.00
Working Cob/Riding Horse - 6.00
Open Working Hunter - 6.00

Troon Horse Show- Showing Equestrian Event Notes


Troon Show Committee Rules & Regulations

• Any animal or competitor found by the Committee to be behaving inappropriately will be asked to leave the showground immediately.
• Although the Committee will make every effort to avoid class clashes due to the number of classes being held clashes may be unavoidable. In that event competitors will be expected to choose which class they wish to enter. No refunds will be given but we will, where possible, change entries to another class of your choice.
• The judges’ decision is final.
• Any complaint must be made in writing to the Secretary, Mrs S Pascoe accompanied by a cheque for £50. Complaints will be investigated in full within 20 working days.
• All competitors will park where specified by the parking attendants on the day. Failure to comply with the attendants’ instructions may result in disqualification from the show.
• Stallions may not be shown in hand by any junior who has not attained their 16th birthday before 1st January in the current year.
 Correctly secured Skull Caps/Riding Hats that meet one of the following current Safety Standards/specifications MUST be worn by all Riders of all ages. All PAS 015; VG1; (BS)EN1384 2017; ASTM F1163 04a onwards; SNELL E2001; SNELL E2016; AS/NZS 3838 2003 onwards.
 The most recent updates to the list are the addition of SNELL E2016 and EN1384 (2017); the newest version of the SNELL Standard could have begun to appear in 2017 and is accepted to the list; the newest version of the EN1384 Standard will begin to appear during 2018 and is also accepted to the list.
• All ridden ponies must be 4 years old and over.
• Any foals being shown must be a minimum of three weeks old on the day of the show.
• Unaccompanied Competitors must provide the Show Organiser a contact telephone number in case of an emergency.
Dogs must be kept on leads at all times and dogs MUST be cleaned up after and disposed of correctly
No ring will wait longer than 5 minutes for any competitor unless agreed previously with the ring steward

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