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Sunday, 21st March, 2021
BE 90 Test 95 (2012) OPEN AGE - 10.00
Prelim 7 ( 2016) OPEN AGE - 10.00
BE100 Test 102 (2010) OPEN AGE - 10.00
BD Novice 27 (2007) OPEN AGE - 10.00
BE ONU18 Test 114 (2016) U21 - 10.00

Virtual Dressage Series Equestrian Event Notes


We would like to invite you to take part in our Virtual Winter Dressage Series.

Just video your test, upload it to YouTube and attach the link to your entry. Full details of how to take the video can be found in the class notes. There are some great prizes to be won. Lots of goodies from Equine Products and lessons from top-class eventing and dressage riders.

Good luck!

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Virtual Dressage Series Horse Event Terms and conditions

Event Terms & Conditions

British Eventing Competition Rules apply to all classes.

1. Firstly, riding is a risk sport and you are taking part under your own risk.

2. This is an unaffiliated show although rules for affiliated bodies will be followed as much as is possible on an online platform.

3. The judges’ decision is final in all situations. No communication will be entered into by the organisers or the judge.

4. Whilst every effort is made to judge the classes in accordance with normal face-to-face classes, we reserve the right to alter the marking criteria in the event of difficulty in judging due to the classes being via video. If altered the criteria will consistent for all competitors in the class.

5. A riding hat of PAS015 and above standard must be worn for all classes.

6. No whips and gloves must be worn.

7. Only one entry per horse/rider combination per class.
- Every horse/rider combination may take part in two classes if they wish.
- If a rider wishes to enter more than one horse per class, they can do so up to a maximum of two horses per class.
- If a horse is being ridden by a different rider, they can be entered in the same class as another rider up to a maximum of two different riders.
- Judges will not provide a comparison of the two riders. They will be judged on their individual test.

8. No coaching during the round is allowed, audio on the video must be left on.

9. Smart, casual dress is required. Plaiting of the horse/pony is not required.

10. The judges’ panel will consist of qualified and experienced coaches and judges. There will be one assigned per class. In the event of a tie we may ask a second judge to carry out an independent assessment to determine results, or equal placings will be awarded.

11. Anyone residing in the UK and Ireland is welcome to take part.

12. We highly recommend that an adult – not the videographer, be present at all times for any U18 riders.

13. Placings will be announced on the Heidi Stewart E-venting Facebook page within a week following the class closing date.


- Videos to be taken from C and to be recorded in landscape format. Portrait will not be accepted.
- Videos must not be cut or edited.
- Original sound must be kept (do not cover with music).
- Both horse and rider must be clearly visible throughout the entire test.

Video submission

1. When you're ready to enter, please upload your video to youtube as an UNLISTED video.
2. For the title of the video, please put your name, your horse's name and the dressage test.
3. When you have the link, enter your chosen class.
4. And that’s it! Once the competition closes our judging panel will review all entries, your dressage sheet will be sent to you and results will be published! We will not publish your video publicly without your permission.


The goal of this competition is to have fun and be able to aim for something at home. Good luck and we hope you enjoy!

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