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An Evening with Michelle Woolwich

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Sunday, 11th April, 2021
Member - 3.00
Non-Member - 5.00

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McTimoney spinal & manipulative therapist, animal sports & remedial massage therapist, EBW, riding instructor/coach, trainer, rider, equine science consultant at Cheshire Equine Therapy - physical therapy, rehab, coaching, & training.

Do you ever see products promoted on numerous chats, ads, Facebook groups, forums etc. by famous people and professions, or end users talking about how good they are, how they work wonders for issues a, b & c, and think, does it actually work, what is the science behind it, I wonder if it would be any good for my horse, could I use it on x,y, z, is there anything I shouldn’t use it on??? Fed up of spending too much money on products that have been recommended and finding they have no effect, or my horse always seems to be injured / lame, are there any products that could help to prevent it. This is the talk for you to listen in on. I find a lot of owners are using products, supplements, training aids, creams, lotions, potions on their animals and they don’t understand the pros and cons of what they are using, if they are using it incorrectly or at the wrong time so not get the full advantages from the products or could be causing some harm. With so many different therapeutic products on the market at the moment from magnetic, infrared, microcurrent, heat, cold, massage, vibration as well as a whole world of supplements it can be a bit of a mine field. This talk is designed to give you some insight into the world of these products what’s good, what’s not, ease of use, essential items, value for money, in every aspect of preparing and training your horse, protection, performance, recovery, rehabilitation and more importantly prehabilitation.

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