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Utopia Arena Hire and Circular Gallop British Event Disciplines


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Utopia Arena Hire and Circular Gallop Horse Event Classes


Saturday, 12th December, 2020
12pm to 12.30pm Arena Hire - 22.00
12.30pm to 1pm Arena Hire - 22.00
1pm to 1.30pm Arena Hire - 22.00
1.30pm to 2pm Arena Hire - 22.00
2pm to 2.30pm Arena Hire - 22.00
2.30pm to 3pm Arena Hire - 22.00
3pm to 3.30pm Arena Hire - 22.00
3.30pm to 4pm Arena Hire - 22.00
4pm to 4.30pm Arena Hire - 22.00
4.30pm to 5pm Arena Hire - 22.00
5pm to 5.30pm Arena Hire - 22.00
5.30pm to 6pm Arena Hire - 22.00
6pm to 6.30pm Arena Hire - 22.00
6.30pm to 7pm Arena Hire - 22.00
7pm to 7.30pm Arena Hire - 22.00
7.30pm to 8pm Arena Hire - 22.00
12pm to 12.30pm Circular Gallop Hire - 12.00
12.30pm to 1pm Circular Gallop Hire - 12.00
1pm to 1.30pm Circular Gallop Hire - 12.00
1.30pm to 2pm Circular Gallop Hire - 12.00
2pm to 2.30pm Circular Gallop Hire - 12.00
2.30pm to 3pm Circular Gallop Hire - 12.00
3pm to 3.30pm Circular Gallop Hire - 12.00
3.30pm to 4pm Circular Gallop Hire - 12.00
4pm to 4.30pm Circular Gallop Hire - 12.00
4.30pm to 5pm Circular Gallop Hire - 12.00
5pm to 5.30pm Circular Gallop Hire - 12.00
5.30pm to 6pm Circular Gallop Hire - 12.00
6pm to 6.30pm Circular Gallop Hire - 12.00
6.30pm to 7pm Circular Gallop Hire - 12.00
7.30pm to 8pm Circular Gallop Hire - 12.00

Utopia Arena Hire and Circular Gallop Equestrian Event Notes


Please pick up droppings and leave arena how you found it. Enjoy.

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Utopia Arena Hire and Circular Gallop Horse Event Terms and conditions

Event Terms & Conditions

A properly fitting riding hat, meeting current British safety standards as set out by the British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA) must be worn at all times by anyone riding a horse/pony at Woods Folly.

The gate to the school must be shut at all times during each session.

All droppings must be picked up and the jumps left as they were found.

No horse/pony is to be left unattended unless secured in a lorry or trailer attached to a vehicle.

No smoking is permitted on the premises.

All rubbish must be disposed of in the bins provided.

Any breakages or damage to equipment must be reported immediately and paid for.

Any accidents/ injuries must be reported in writing

You must adhere to your allotted time slot.

All dogs must be kept on a lead and left in vehicles during school hire – no dogs are allowed in the school.

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