Christmas Dressage at Dairyhouse (Unaffiliated, TB 1st Round) Horse Event

Christmas Dressage at Dairyhou...

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Christmas Dressage at Dairyhouse (Unaffiliated, TB 1st Round) British Event Disciplines


Christmas Dressage at Dairyhouse (Unaffiliated, TB 1st Round) Horse Event Classes


Sunday, 20th December, 2020
Introductory C - JUNIOR - 11.00
Introductory C - SENIOR - 11.00
Beginner's Prelim 7 - 11.00
Preliminary 12 - 11.00
Novice 27 - 11.00
Elementary 50 - 11.00

Christmas Dressage at Dairyhouse (Unaffiliated, TB 1st Round) Equestrian Event Notes


Bridle numbers must be worn
Passport checks in operation
Juniors are not to have achieved 18th birthday on 1/1/2020
Classes may be split if sufficient entries
Earn points for end of year prizes - no membership required
Rosettes 1st-6th

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Christmas Dressage at Dairyhouse (Unaffiliated, TB 1st Round) Horse Event Terms and conditions

Event Terms & Conditions


You are required to read these terms and conditions IN FULL as a condition of entry. Your entry to take part in Dairyhouse Dressage competitions is an acknowledgement and agreement with these Ts&Cs.

You are aware that there is currently a global pandemic of COVID-19, and as such, there are risks associated with partaking in equestrian activity. The organisers have taken steps to try and ensure the safety of competitiors, and cannot accept responsibility for any subsequent illness or injury. Anyone found not to be complying with these rules will no longer be welcome at Dairyhouse.

By entering, you are consenting to us sharing your entered details (name, address, telephone number) with relevant authorities for Tracking and Tracing purposes, should there be a risk of infection identified. This is in line with Government guidelines.

These terms and conditions have been developed from British Dressage, British Horse Society, UK Sport Council and HM Government guidelines.

YOU MUST NOT ATTEND IF YOU OR A MEMBER OF YOUR HOUSEHOLD/SUPPORT BUBBLE HAVE DEVELOPED ANY SIGNS OR SYMPTOMS OF COVID-19. These include: high temperature or fever; a new continuous cough; loss or change in sense of smell or taste; shortness of breath. You must also NOT attend if you have been contacted by a tracing service and advised that you should self-isolate. Entry transfer is available for this purpose.

We strongly advise those who are in the "extremely high risk" medical category, or those who are shielding, not to attend - but recognise this is your own personal choice.

ALL entries must be done via HorseMonkey. No entries will be accepted in any other format.

We advise the use of face masks or coverings when not riding.

You MUST maintain an appropriate social distance of at least 2 metres at ALL TIMES when on the premises. Please pay attention to signage and floor markings at the venue.

Please attend the competition alone, or with ONE other member of your household or support bubble. Please do not bring extra spectators.

There will be a maximum of FOUR horses allowed in the warm up arena at any one time
Warm up time is limited to 30 minutes only. Off yard competitiors are not to arrive at Dairy House Farm more than 45 minutes before their allocated test time.

The organiser's shed is OUT OF BOUNDS. There will be NO entry for ANY reason. If you have any problems on the day and need to speak to an organiser, please call 07958028066 for assistance.

We strongly advise AGAINST using the livery yard toilet facilities. We will try to source a portable toilet for near the competiiton arena - if this is not in place, there may be NO FACILITIES AVAILABLE. Please be aware of this possible eventuality.

We will have several hand sanitisation stations available around the warm up, food truck and competition arena. Please use them regularly - we also encourage you to bring your own. Please note we have no facilities for hot handwashing with soap and water.

Results will be posted on our Facebook page and via HorseMonkey in a timely fashion. There will be NO scoreboard at the event.

Physical copies of sheets will NOT be provided on the day. A photograph will be emailed to you or sent via Whatsapp/Messenger, and also uploaded to the Horsemonkey account (if we can make it work!). You may request these are posted to you, or you can collect at a later date.

Rosettes can be posted, or collected at a later date.

After completion of your test, please leave the venue promptly.

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