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Mary Wastie has worked in the Equestrian Industry for 15 years, as a very successful agent for a range of products, enabling her to gain a very varied skill set in this ever changing environment.
Mary has ridden since the age of seven, starting in riding schools, and progressing to having a horse of her own that she competed in BSJA showjumping.
She has also produced and ridden a lightweight cob in amateur showing, has ridden in unaffiliated and affiliated dressage and generally enjoyed being with and caring for horses.
As part of her passion for seeking comfort for the Horse through a variety of well structured products she has for the last 12 years worked as a Bitting Consultant travelling over the U.K but mainly Scotland, the Borders and the North of England, lecturing and demonstrating on Bits and Bitting using hand picked ranges of bits to suit her work she mainly uses Informed Designs, Rotary and Myler Bits and carries an extensive range with her in her work
Mary is a keen rider and works for a very prestigeous supplement company ​
Mary has the belief that the horse should be afforded the best in equipment and comfort, after all, it is us as riders that place unnatural forces and pressures on horses through riding and competing them. If we can make this easier through well fitting saddlery and equipment, it makes it more comfortable for the horse and therefore makes for clearer communication between horse and rider, not blurred through discomfort.

Ridden consultation: deposit required through link below, £32. Remaining £35 on the day.
Bits ranging from £75-£100. Double bridle bits from £170-£195.

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