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Sunday, 25th October, 2020
Class 1a - 50cm Novice (Juniors). - 10.00
Class 1b - 50cm Novice (Seniors). - 10.00
Class 2a - 60cm Intermediate (Juniors) - 10.00
Class 2b - 60cm Intermediate (Seniors) - 10.00
Class 3a- 70cm (Juniors) - 10.00
Class 3b - 70cm (Seniors) - 10.00
Class 4a - 80cm (Juniors) - 10.00
Class 4b - 80cm (Seniors) - 10.00
Class 5a - 90cm (Juniors) - 10.00
Class 5b - 90cm (Seniors) - 10.00
Class 6a - 1m Open (Juniors) - 10.00
Class 6b - 1m (Seniors) - 10.00

Taw River Unaffiliated Showjumping  Equestrian Event Notes


* Juniors 16 and under
* Seniors 17 and over

Class 1a - Help allowed (helper to wear hard hat) no fillers or oxers.
Class 1b - No fillers or oxers.

Class 2a - No oxers
Class 2b - No oxers

Cricklands Qualifiers
Juniors - Class 2a (60cms) - Class 6a (1m)
Seniors - Class 3b (70cms) - Class 6b (1m)

Our full Covid-19 policy will be posted on here and our Facebook page (Taw River Equine Events) in the week leading up to the event to ensure the latest protocols are adhered to.

As it stands currently (In brief)
* Social distancing protocol to be followed.
* You will be shown to your designated parking space/area.
* No horses to be tied up outside vehicles.
* Warm up will be indoors and limited to the next 5 riders - one way system will be in place.
* There will be a steward to martial the warm up jumps, no grooms or public allowed.
* Riders will jump in order listed (2 minute intervals)
* Sanitising stations will be located around the venue.
* There will be an external first aider on site for this event.
* Catering will be on-site on a take-away basis only.
* Photographer will upload photos to website for ordering - no screens on the day.
* Currently no spectators or additional vehicles allowed.

This will be updated and confirmed prior to the event.

Refund policy:
* Up to 14 days before event = Full refund (minus admin fee)
* Between 14 and 3 days before event = 50% refund (minus admin fee) unless replaced, then full refund.
* Less than 3 days before event = non refundable unless entry is replaced, then full refund (minus admin fee)

* Administration fees of £2 are included on all entries. This is non-refundable.
* Refunds in kind will only be allowed in special circumstances. This is at the discretion of the Organiser.
* Refunds in kind from withdrawals are not provided unless in special circumstances. A vet certificate may be requested and refunds in these circumstances are at the discretion of the organiser and may incur an additional administration fee
* If an event organised by Taw River Equine Events has to be cancelled for reasons beyond our control, then the rider will be offered the option to receive a refund, or carry through their entries/payments for entry into another event, space permitting

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External first aid.
External catering.
Professional photographer.

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