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Sunday, 9th August, 2020
1 - 80cm SJ & XC - 30.00
Sponsor: Dodson&Horrell
4 - 95cm SJ & XC - 30.00
Sponsor: Dodson&Horrell

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For all this is XC Schooling you are required to jump round as a course and only jump each fence once, if you encounter a problem at a fence you have the option of jumping the lower obstacle or passing it by completely. We will have a number of experienced monitors/first aiders around the course who can also provide assistance should anyone need it during the course of their round. Anyone seen to be riding dangerously will be stopped immediately. The café will be closed but there will be a tuck shop of filled rolls, cans, crips and chocolate. There will be a starter as people will still be given a start time, and numbers (for identification purposes only) will be provided on a self-collection basis. All numbers will be disinfected prior to stacking. Only 1 helper per horse, no dogs and no spectators, everyone to respect the social distancing. Do not attend if you feel at all unwell. The only breach of the 2m distance rule will be in the event that a participant requires first aid and in that case guidelines will be followed to mitigate the risk of infection both to the injured person and the first aider/paramedic.
. Numbers will be put on the board as people come to the warm-up arena, so please ensure you are there in plenty of time to do your round before going down to the start of the XC course.

Thank you for your continued support of the Ian Stark Equestrian Centre.

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Dodson & Horrell

Dodoson & Horrell XC Schooling Horse Event Terms and conditions

Event Terms & Conditions

Your safety is your own responsibility. Ian Stark Equestrian Centre DOES NOT accept responsibility for any accident, or damage to you, your horse, your vehicle or associates whatsoever and however caused. It is a condition of the use of the course that this is understood and by entering you are agreeing to these conditions.

The jumps are of varied height and levels of difficulty, the decision to jump is ultimately the responsibility of the rider. The rider alone has to decide on the limits of their horse and pony.

Hats and Body Protectors must be worn at all times when mounted and must comply to the current BETA Standards



Horses/Ponies must not be left unattended or tied to the outside of trailers/lorries

Only 1 helper per horse

Social distancing must be adhered to at all times

Please be on site for minimum time, arrive ride and leave

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