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Friday, 7th August, 2020
30cms - 5.00
40cms - 5.00
50cms - 5.00
55cms - 5.00

Beginners clear round Equestrian Event Notes


Each rider will receive an allocated time that will be available on horse monkey from Tuesday 4th. Entries may close early if we are at our maximum capacity.
Maximum time allowed for each round is 3 mins. Heights will be set and not altered .
Height groups are as follows -

30cms - cross poles

40cms - cross poles

50cms - mix of cross poles and uprights

55cms - all uprights

All fences will consist of poles only, not fillers or spreads will be included.

They will run in this order with 30cms starting at 4.30pm.

No more than 6 horses to be working in at a time. Breaks will be added to allow riders with enough time to warm their horses up.

No gathering in the collecting ring

Only the rider and one other person may attend.

Please adhere to social distancing rules and use the hand sanitser provided.

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