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Ian Stark Equestrian Centre (I-GP)+FS British Event Disciplines


Ian Stark Equestrian Centre (I-GP)+FS Horse Event Classes


Saturday, 21st November, 2020
1 - Preliminary 15 2008 - W - 18.00
Sponsor: KBIS
2. 1 b- Unaffiliated Preliminary 15 2008 - 18.00
Sponsor: KBIS
3. 2 - Preliminary 17A 2017 - W - 18.00
Sponsor: KBIS
4. 2b - Unaffiliated Preliminary 17A 2017 - 18.00
5. 3 - Novice 23 2012 - 18.00
6. 3b - Unaffiliated Novice 23 2012 - 18.00
7. 4 - Novice 38 2005 - W - 18.00
Sponsor: Prestige Italia
8. 4b -Unaffiliated Novice 38 2005 - 18.00
9. 5 - Freestyle Music Novice 2019 - W - 20.00
Sponsor: Baileys
10. 5b - Unaffiliated Freestyle Music Novice 2019 - 20.00
11. 6 - Elementary 40 2010 - 18.00
12. 6b -Unaffiliated Elementary 40 2010 - 18.00
13. 7 - Elementary 53 2007 - W - 18.00
Sponsor: Equi-Trek
14. 7b - Unaffiliated Elementary 53 2007 - - 18.00
Sponsor: Equi-Trek
15. 8 - Medium 75 2002 - W - 20.00
Sponsor: Theraplate Ltd
16. 8b - Unaffiliated Medium 75 2002 - 20.00
Sponsor: Theraplate Ltd
17. 9 - Advanced Medium 92 2011 - W - 20.00
Sponsor: Charles Owen
18. 9b - Unaffiliated Advanced Medium 92 2011 - 20.00
Sponsor: Charles Owen
19. 10 - Pick Your Own - Advanced - 22.00
20. 11 - FEI Prix St Georges 2009 - W - 25.00
Sponsor: Magic
Sunday, 22nd November, 2020
21. 12 - Advanced 101 2019 - 22.00
22. 12b - Unaffiliated Advanced 101 2019 - 22.00
23. 13 - Advanced Medium 96 2011 - W - 20.00
Sponsor: Charles Owen
24. 13b - Unaffiliated Advanced Medium 96 2011 - 20.00
25. 14 - Medium 71 2002 - W - 20.00
Sponsor: Theraplate Ltd
26. 14 b- Unaffiliated Medium 71 2002 - 20.00
27. 15 - Elementary 50 2007 - W - 18.00
Sponsor: Equi-Trek
28. 15b - Unaffiliated Elementary 50 2007 - 18.00
29. 16 - Freestyle Music Elementary 2019 - W - 20.00
Sponsor: PDS Saddles
30. 16b - Unaffiliated Freestyle Music Elementary 2019 - 20.00
31. 17 - Novice 24 2010 - 18.00
32. 17b - Unaffiliated Novice 24 2010 - 18.00
33. 18 - Novice 34 2009 - W - 18.00
Sponsor: Prestige Italia
34. 18b -unaffiliated Novice 34 2009 - - 18.00
35. 19 - Freestyle Music Novice 2019 - W - 20.00
Sponsor: Baileys
36. 19b - Unaffiliated Freestyle Music Novice 2019 - 20.00
37. 20 - Preliminary 1 2006 - 18.00
38. 20b - unaffiliated Preliminary 1 2006 - 18.00
39. 21 - Preliminary 2 2016 - W - 18.00
Sponsor: KBIS
40. 21b - Unaffiliated Preliminary 2 2016 - - 18.00

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Ian Stark Equestrian Centre (I-GP)+FS Horse Event Terms and conditions

Event Terms & Conditions

Our following terms must be adhered to:

Your safety is your own responsibility. Ian Stark Equestrian Centre DOES NOT accept responsibility for any accident, or damage to you, your horse, your vehicle or associates whatsoever and however caused. It is a condition of the centre that this is understood and by entering you are agreeing to these conditions.

By entering, the attendees acknowledge and agree that although ISEC have taken every precaution and followed Government Guidance, it is impossible to eliminate all risk and there remains the potential for unintended transmission of COVID-19. All those attending must play their part in minimising the risk to themselves and others by complying with the Government Guidelines as well as any on site instructions and signage. ISEC have the right to refuse entry or request departure from the event should there be any breach of the Covid-19 protocols put in place.

Hats must be worn at all times when mounted and must comply to the current BETA Standards.



Horses/Ponies must not be left unattended or tied to the outside of trailers/lorries

Only 1 helper per horse

Social distancing must be adhered to at all times

Please be on site for minimum time, arrive ride and leave

Face coverings to be worn when inside the centre with the exception when mounted

COVID-19 Jumping Event Procedures This document outlines how show jumping competitions will be run at the Ian Stark Equestrian Centre (the “Venue”) during the COVID-19 epidemic. Everyone involved with the events including staff, officials, volunteers and competitors should familiarise themselves with these procedures. By working together and following all relevant guidance, we can help to stop the spread of COVID-19. Right to Enter the Venue Anyone who has shown, or been in contact with someone showing, any symptoms of COVID-19 may not enter the Venue. Anyone who, in the opinion of the organising committee, is showing symptoms of COVID19 will be required to leave the Venue immediately. Social distancing must be practiced at all times whilst at the Venue. Anyone who, in the opinion of the organising committee, is found to be repeatedly in breach of the social distancing guidelines will be required to leave the Venue immediately. Riders may be accompanied by one person for each horse that they are attending the event with. Only the following categories of people, other than staff and officials, may enter the Venue during the event.  Rider  Horse Owner  Parent/Guardian of Rider (if under 18 years)  Groom People who do not fit one of the categories above will not be permitted entry to the Venue. When in the centre, including during course walks, face coverings are MANDATORY with the exception of when mounted. ISEC strongly recommends the use of face coverings when not riding. Arrival at the Venue People must not arrive earlier than one hour before the published start time of their first competition. On arrival at the Venue, people must follow all directions given to them by ISEC staff. People should park allowing minimum of 3m between vehicles and with due regard to social distancing guidelines and tack up and untack at their vehicle. Collecting Ring On arrival at the Collecting Ring entrance, do not enter the Collecting Ring until directed to do so by a steward. The only personnel authorised to enter the Collecting Ring are riders on a horse and venue staff and officials. People not specifically authorised to enter the Collecting Ring will not be permitted entry to the Collecting Ring.
Riders are not allowed to have their own representative in the Collecting Ring. Anyone found to be entering the Collecting Ring who has not been specifically authorised may be asked to leave the Venue. The number of people in the Collecting Ring at one time must not exceed six, this number includes riders and officials. The Competition During the course walk, anyone present in the competition arena is required to wear a face covering. Social distancing guidelines must also be followed as far as possible. When the collecting ring steward calls a rider, they must enter the competition arena and complete their round. Any rider failing to come forward when called will not be allowed to compete and must immediately leave the Collecting Ring. Riders will enter and leave the Competition Area via different gates. Once you have completed your competitive round, you must immediately return to your vehicle. There will not be any prize-giving ceremonies during the event. Results will be posted online and, where applicable, any prize money will be paid via BACS. Prize winners must complete the BACS Payment Request Form available on the website. If there are prizes in kind, these will be in the form of vouchers that will be sent to the winners. The Café Our Café will be open serving take-away food. Entrance to the Café will be through the bottom door closest to the warm-up arena where there is a one way system in place and 2m floor markers for queuing. Please follow all signs and instructions when in the Café area. Hand Sanitising & PPE Please bring your own hand sanitisers and PPE with you. There are a number of hand sanitiser dispensers throughout the centre so please use these when entering and leaving the building. Numbers If you are able to print out your own number (the bridle number on the times list) and put in a number bib to wear that is great but we will have our own ones available if needed. You can find a number template on the british eventing website on the homepage under the heading ‘guidance for the return to eventing’ We hope you all have a safe and enjoyable day and we are looking forward to welcoming you all as we return to competition days at ISEC.

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