RDA Unicorn Centre (I-AM)+PE Horse Event

RDA Unicorn Centre (I-AM)+PE

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RDA Unicorn Centre (I-AM)+PE Horse Event Classes


Sunday, 25th October, 2020
1 - Introductory C 2016 - 13.00
2 - Preliminary 2 2016 - W - 15.00
Sponsor: KBIS
3 - Preliminary 18 2002 - 15.00
4 - Novice 30 2006 - W - 17.00
Sponsor: Prestige Italia
5 - Novice 28 2008 - 17.00
6 - Elementary 42 2008 - 17.00
7 - Para PYO Para Grade 2 - 15.00
7 - Para PYO Para Grade 3 - 15.00
7 - Para PYO Para Grade 4 - 15.00
7 - Para PYO Para Grade 5 - 15.00
8 - Elementary 44 2002 - 17.00
9 - Medium 63 2002 - 17.00
10 - Medium 71 2002 - W - 17.00
Sponsor: Theraplate Ltd

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Late entries @ £4 surcharge.

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RDA Unicorn Centre (I-AM)+PE Horse Event Terms and conditions

Event Terms & Conditions

*A condition of placing your entry is that you agree to adhere to all government regulations and BD protocols (including the BD Community COVID-19 Charter) relating to social distancing, public health and hygiene and at all times whilst on the Unicorn Centre site. It is recommended you read the updated BD guidance document before placing your entry https://www.britishdressage.co.uk/media/3493/returning-to-restricted-activity-competitors-v5-141020.pdf
Please read the updated information below regarding local restrictions and the 3 tier system. The Unicorn Centre will not be accepting entries from anyone traveling from a tier 3 or very high risk area.

Entries will only be able to be made via Horse Monkey.
Horses must be vaccinated in accordance with BD rules and passports will be checked upon arrival. Prior to the competition please send a photograph of your horse’s passport to enquiries@rdaunicorncentre.co.uk.
All horses and ponies coming on site must have had a booster vaccination within the last six months (and not within 7 days before visiting the Centre). https://www.britishdressage.co.uk/news/bd-statement-vaccinations-microchipping/
The number of visitors on site on the day will be kept at a minimum at all times, in line with Government guidelines. Competitors will be expected to arrive, compete and depart from the Centre in a timely manner.
In addition to the rider, only one other person is permitted to attend per horse. This could be an owner, trainer or groom, but the limit is one extra person per combination, except Para riders who are allowed extra assistance (see Para specific guidance) and in the case of any under 18’s where an additional person can attend as the nominated parent, guardian or carer.
The gallery will be closed and no spectators are allowed until further notice.
Sorry, there will be no café or vending machines operating on the day.
Commanders are allowed for tests, providing they adhere to social distancing at all times. They must be included in the people allocation permitted for additional rider support. However the Centre will be unable to provide a commander on the day.
Rosettes will be posted out if a SAE is left by the competitor on the day.
A site map, showing access to toilets, arenas and the one-way systems plus other information relevant to the day, including contact details for the nominated COVID-19 Compliance Officer will be posted on the Centre’s website, along with the times, after 4pm on Friday 23 October.

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