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Sunday, 29th March, 2020
60 cm - 10.00
70cm - 10.00
80cm - 10.00
90cm - 10.00
1m - 10.00
50cm - 10.00

Virtual Equitation Showjumping Equestrian Event Notes


his is a fun virtual competition. Pending any changes in Coronavirus. Entries £10 with £3 of that going into prize fund so more that enters better the prizes.

Competitors will be judged on style, faults and how imaginative there course is awarded rosettes and prizes through the post. Like a dressage score sheet points will be awarded for combination horse and rider style (40 points) and Course imagination (40 points). SJ faults will be deducted from this score, knockdown 4, 1st
disobedience 4, 2nd disobedience 8 , 3rd disobedience Elimination.
Make the course out of whatever facilites you have, fences can be jumped more than once if not many jumps available.
Videos of sj round to be sent via whatsapp to 07710040672 with rider name , address and mobile phone number. please record video at a good point in arena where we can clearly see each fence and approach, should be continuous video from fence 1-12.

Results will be posted on horsemonkey and fb, rosettes and prizes posted to winners.

No white jodhpurs or jackets required but lovely to see if you want to get dressed up.

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