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Sunday, 2nd February, 2020

The session starts with an initial biomechanics assessment. All that the rider has to do is wear one of our bodywarmers with the markers on it and then ride down the centre line straight (or as straight as possible!) away from the camera. These videos are run through our software, which produces a report and an animated video.

The report highlights key metrics, like how far a rider is tipping forward or if they're dropping a shoulder. Plus it's colour coded so it's quick and easy for them to tell which aspects of their position need work, and which ones they're doing well with.

The system builds a 3D model of the rider as a stick figure. The animated video shows, using this stick figure, how they were moving with the horse. There are examples of these videos on the website ( and on the fb page - they're a little hard to explain!

We use the results of this initial assessment in the next bit of the session; the coaching part. Here we focus on getting the correct position and on the rider's influence on the horse. We mostly ignore the horse's way of going, though very often there's an improvement anyway!

We then finish with another Biomechanics assessment to highlight the improvement made during the coaching session. - 25.00

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