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Monday, 15th July, 2019
8.00am - 9.00am - Arena booking - 15.00
9.00am - 10.00am - Arena booking - 15.00
10.00am - 11am- Arena booking - 15.00
11.00am - 12pm Arena booking - 15.00
12.00pm - 13.00pm - Arena booking - 15.00
13.00pm - 14.00pm Arena booking - 15.00
14.00pm - 15.00pm - Arena booking - 15.00
15.00pm - 16.00pm - Arena booking - 15.00
16.00pm - 17.00pm - Arena booking - 15.00
17.00pm - 18.00pm Arena booking
- 15.00
18.00pm - 19.00pm - Arena booking
- 15.00
19.00pm - 20.00pm - Arena booking
- 15.00

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Arena Hire - Showjumping Horse Event Terms and conditions

Event Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions:
By booking our Arena Hire you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions as stated below.
• All Droppings MUST be removed from the surface immediately. Not doing so can cause lasting damage to the arena surface.
• Anyone caught leaving muck will be fined £100.
• If you find muck in the arena at the start of your booking, please take a photograph and send it to us. Please could you then clear it up before proceeding.
• You must not ride alone. You must bring a responsible adult with you, in case of any accident. On Arena Hire days first aid will not be provided by The Showground.
• Anyone teaching must have the appropriate insurance cover.
• Any breakages must be paid for. If you notice any damage at the start of your session, please take a photograph and send it to us.
• The Showground nor any of its officers, servants or agents shall in any way be liable for any accident, injury, damage or loss.
• Use of the arena is entirely at the hirer’s own risk. All hirers are advised to check the arena before entering to ensure that it has been left in a safe condition by the previous occupant.
• Please check the heights and striding distances of the jumps, the settings left by the previous occupant may not be suitable for you or your horse. You must ride at your level and competence.
• All riders must wear protective headgear conforming to BSI standards at all times when mounted including warming up. Back protectors are recommended.
• You must stick to your allocated time slot so that you do not interfere with any other bookings.
• Anyone cancelling their Arena Hire is not entitled to a refund. Transfers will be at the discretion of Broome & Co Ltd.
• We reserve the right, in exceptional circumstances, to cancel the booking with no notice.

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