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Sunday, 1st September, 2019
Early start time (10am - 11am) - 20.00
Midday start time (11am - 12noon) - 20.00
Late start time (12noon - 12.30pm) - 20.00

Newmarket Heath Ride Equestrian Event Notes


The Newmarket Heath Ride is a sponsored ride which offers the chance for participants to ride over 8, 15 or 20 mile routes across Newmarket’s hallowed turf. Starting and finishing at the July Course, the event is made possible by the support and kind permission of The National Stud and Jockey Club Estates.

The day offers a unique opportunity to ride across Newmarket’s famous training grounds, utilising the town’s network of horsewalks which, in the case of the 15 and 20 mile routes, emerge at the base of the famous Warren Hill. The 20 mile course also takes in the Al Bahathri all-weather gallop along the way, allowing horse and rider to literally gallop in the footsteps of some of the world’s most famous racehorses.

Funds generated by the event will go to Racing Welfare, the Jockey Club's charity, which supports all of racing's people throughout their lives. All riders will be required to raise a minimum of £20 sponsorship in addition to their entry fee.

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By Kind permission of Jockey Club Estates and The National Stud

Newmarket Heath Ride Horse Event Terms and conditions

Event Terms & Conditions

Instructions to Riders

Directions The start point is at the Newmarket July Racecourse next to The National Stud. The roundabout at the July Racecourse entrance has a large sculpture of a stallion. Postcode CB8 0XD or ask for The July Racecourse.

From the East, take the A14 & the B1506 junction off into Newmarket Town, and follow signs yellow AA signs to Newmarket Races; from Cambridge & the north, follow the A1303 off the A14; from London & the south, use the M11, taking the A11 turning for Newmarket/Norwich, finally taking the A1304 junction for Six Mile Bottom which leads up to the July Racecourse.

On entering the July Racecourse from the roundabout, turn left following the signs for the PUBLIC CAR PARK.

Start Times
Start times will be emailed to the addresses provided on the entry form. Whilst every effort will be made to assign early/middle/late times as requested, these cannot be guaranteed.

On Arrival Please report to the Secretary’s tent to collect your number, hand in your sponsorship forms and show your horse’s passport. We need to see all forms, whether you have collected your sponsorship or not.

If you think you might be delayed, please call one of the emergency phone numbers listed below. Please be aware that we can only allow riders to set off on the course up to 12.30pm as our army of volunteer stewards cannot be asked to stay on if riders are unfortunate enough not to be able to get here before then.

The Course
It is imperative that all riders abide by the Organiser’s rules & conditions. You will be on private Jockey Club & National Stud land and The Jockey Club staff give their time voluntarily to put the course out & tidy the land after our ride.

Please pay attention to the route markers & signs along the course & be respectful of the heathland & the Racing Welfare volunteers who are stewarding the course for you.

At the beginning of the course there is a fast & slow route through the National Stud land. Please follow the instructions given on the signs for each route.

A map of the course is available at

Finish Please report back to the Secretary to collect your rosette and sponsorship forms.

Friends are welcome to park with you & bring dogs on leads & bring picnics if you would like; all we ask is that you kindly clear up your litter at the end of the day.

Facilities A catering stand will be available in the horsebox park and there are 2 refreshment stops on the 15 mile and 20-mile rides. Please bring money on the day or alternatively bring your own drinks.

Water for horses is also available at these stops & in the horsebox park.

Toilet facilities are only available at the main rest area & the horsebox park.

Local vets & a farrier will be on-call during the day if required. Please be patient as the vets & farrier must cover a very large area and can be delayed with other riders.

There will be a photographer taking photos throughout the day. Please bring money if you want to buy a souvenir photograph as they are only available on the day.

Finally All our courses are signposted & stewarded so if you are enjoying yourselves and want to ride for longer than you originally planned then just keep following the signs. The same applies if for some reason you need to cut your ride short – just follow the shortcut signs & come home at your own pace.

Please be aware that you must be off the heath by 4.30 pm at the very latest.

All outstanding sponsorship money should be sent to RACING WELFARE at the below address by 9th October 2019.

Emergency Mobile Phone Number:
07971 598287

Racing Welfare Heath Ride Admin Team (Hannah Walker)
c/o Racing Welfare
20B Park Lane, Newmarket, Suffolk CB8 8QD
01638 560 763
07971 598287

Rules and Conditions

1. The Entry Fee is non-refundable.
2. The Organisers do not accept liability for any accident, loss, damage, injury or illness to horses, owners, riders, ground, spectators or any other person or property.
3. Appropriate footwear & hard hats with fastened chinstraps that comply with BS PAS 015, BS EN 1384 or ASTMF116395 (as per British Horse Society guidelines) must be worn at all times.
4. The Organisers recommend that Body Protectors be worn by all riders.
5. All riders are advised to take out accident insurance for themselves and their horse.
6. The Organisers reserve the right to retire any horse or pony that appears to be in any way distressed or unfit.
7. Riders under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.
8. No horses or ponies under 4 years old.
9. Flu-vac is recommended within six months of the ride and passports must be presented on the day.
10. All riders must keep on the marked route of the ride and always show respect to other riders on the course. When overtaking, please ask other riders before doing so and slow down to an appropriate pace when passing.
11. Each Entrant is responsible for collecting amounts promised to them in sponsorship and for paying them to the Organisers in a timely manner.
12. Any St. John’s Ambulance, Blacksmith or Veterinary Fee will be the responsibility of the rider or horse owner.
13. It is forbidden for any rider to walk on the Al Bahathri gallop – please use the grass at the side if you do not wish to gallop. (20-mile ride only)
14. It is forbidden to ride on any gallop other than the Al Bahathri.
15. If you bring your mobile, please make sure that you have a safe way of carrying it whilst riding; we cannot help you if you lose it on the Heath.
16. There is one, compulsory walking area on the course which must be adhered to.
17. All riders must be off the course by 4:30pm at the very latest.

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