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Sunday, 1st March, 2020
Jane Lavington - 15.00
(2016) R - 15.00
(2016) R - 15.00
(2016) R - 15.00
(2007) - 15.00
(2002) - 15.00

Eaglesfield DRESSAGE Indoor Unaffiliated Equestrian Event Notes


**IMPORTANT**. it is a rule of entry to the show that all ponies and Horses are up to date with their Annual FLU vaccinations, proof may be requested.
Please try to learn your test or bring a friend who can call - If you do require a caller on the day, £2 per test will be CHARGED ON THE DAY. Booking for this service AND payment must be made before riding your test. Donations will be sent to Redwings Horse Sanctuary at the end of the season.
To quaulify for our points championship, competitors need to have ridden at a minimum of 3 out of the 5 qualifying shows that form the 2019/2020 Eaglesfield Winter Dressage Series.

The following points will be awarded in all classes:
1st place = 7 points
2nd place = 6 points
3rd place = 5 points
4th place = 4 points
5th place = 3 points
6th place = 2 points
unplaced = 1 point

Points awarded in each section will accumulate over the 5 competition dates. At the end of the series, the horse and rider combination in each section with the highest number of points will receive a trophy plus Points Championship rosettes will be awarded to 6th place in each of the sections (Walk & Trot through to Medium).

In the event of a tie, the competitor with the highest collectives scored in the relevant sections over the series will be the winner.

PLEASE NOTE, Unlike other years, competitors will be permitted to enter the whole series at the same level and will not be required to move up a level during the series if they win the class.
Some Restrictions still apply for classes 1 & 2 at point of entry.

The competitor aged 16 years or under on 1st October gaining the overall highest number of points on one horse/pony over the 5 qualifying shows will receive the POLLY FLINDERS TROPHY. PLEASE TELL US YOU ARE A JUNIOR WITH YOUR DATE OF BIRTH ON ENTRY.

The competitor (adult) gaining the overall highest number of points on one horse/pony over the 5 qualifying shows will receive the Collins Trophy.

We will continue to award the Clare Carrington Memorial Trophy to the competitor who we feel most improved as a combination over the season.
Additionally, a special rosette will be awarded to the highest scoring veteran horse (aged 16 and over) at the prize giving at the end of the season. PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOU ARE RIDING A GOLDEN OLDIE.

General enquiries: 01474 872 242 or Unaffiliated Dressage Secretary: Susan Martinez 07711 015 689
Times: will be posted on our website www.eaglesfield.net on the Thursday evening before each show. Online entries will be emailed when TIMES are published. or Ring Sue Thursday evening 07711 015689 between 8pm -9.30pm

Riders placed 1st or 2nd at Prelim, Novice or Elementary level will qualify for Hickstead South East Region Championships held in May 2020. See www.dressageathickstead.com for more details. (1st & 2nd place qualify) & Sunshine Tour (riders placed 1st - 4th qualify) from 1st January 2020. Sue will issue or sign your qualification card at the end of the class.
*We also hold an Eaglesfield Points Championship with the presentation in March 2020. Horse & Rider combination awarded points for their placing during the season
• All classes will be judged under British Dressage rules.
• Riding hats that comply with the current BD safety standards must be worn at all times whilst mounted on the showground.
• All tack should comply with the British Dressage rules, including bits and nosebands.
• No horses to be schooled or lunged in the car park or any other areas.
• Horses or ponies should never be left unattended, when tied to a lorry or trailer.
• Eaglesfield Equestrian Events reserves the right to unconditionally disqualify and/or ban riders who display an excessive use of whips and or/spurs or those who use bad language or behave in a unsporting manner.
• Anyone seen riding/handling in a manner likely to endanger themselves, their horse or any other parties, will be asked to leave the showground for safety reasons.
• The Judges decision is always final.
• Complaints of any nature must be logged in writing with the secretary, together with a deposit of £15 within 15 minutes of class finishing. If the objection is proved correct the £15 deposit will be returned.
• All entries/competitors must have valid Horse and Rider Insurance including Personal Liability Cover.
• Dogs must be kept on leads at all times. Owners are responsible for clearing up after their dogs.
• Riding is a high risk sport and is undertaken at your own risk. Eaglesfield Equestrian Events and/or its Employees accept no responsibility for any accidents or injury to competitors, onlookers, horses or property.
• No Horse/Pony may be entered more than once in any class.
• Horses/Ponies must be over the age of 4 to compete in any classes.
• Eaglesfield Equestrian Events reserves the right to refuse entry or make changes to a class without stating a reason.
• No entries can be refunded unless either a medical or veterinary certificate is produced after the times are published.
• No mucking out of horseboxes on the showground.

Eaglesfield DRESSAGE Indoor Unaffiliated Horse Event UK News

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Please do not trust your SAT NAV in a trailer or Horse Box.
Visit www.eaglesfield.net for directions or ring Jean on Mobile: 07958 650036

Times: will be emailed - posted on www.eaglesfield.net

Eaglesfield DRESSAGE Indoor Unaffiliated Horse Event Sponsors


EAGLESFIELD Arena Hire - Contact Jean for availability Mobile: 07958 650036

Eaglesfield DRESSAGE Indoor Unaffiliated Horse Event Terms and conditions

Event Terms & Conditions

1. The organizers reserve the right to a refuse any entry without giving any reason, or to limit the number of entries.
Classes will be limited.

2. Eaglesfield Equestrian Events Limited respect your privacy and operates a code of good practice while handling your information while dealing with you show entry. Your information will never be passed to a third party without your permission unless we are ordered to for legal reasons. Mrs Jean Clark may be contacted on 01474 872242 or 07958 650036 to discus data control.

3. The judge’s decision will be final.

4. The event will run strictly in accordance with BD (British Dressage) Rules.

5. The Organisers and Eaglesfield Equestrian Events Limited will not accept any Liability for accidents, loss, damage, injury or illness to horses, owners, grooms, riders, spectators or any property owned by them. It is a condition of any entry to the premises or competition that exhibitors/spectators agree to indemnify the Organisers/Eaglesfield Equestrian Events Limited against any legal action that may arise from any cause whatsoever connected with the event.

6. In accordance with BS Rule 82.21 no persons shall allow a stallion for which he/she is responsible as owner lessee, authorised agent or rider to compete or be prepared to compete,
in any show jumping competition without taking adequate precaution to ensure other competitors and members of the public are not at risk of injury.

7. Objections must be made in writing to the secretary with 15 minutes of any incident together with a deposit of £15. The deposit will be repaid if the objection is sustained.

8. Riding hats MUST be worn at all times when mounted and comply BD rules.

9. The organizers reserve the right to change the classification of any class if they deem it advisable.

10. No Lunging allowed on the show ground.

11. Dogs must be kept on short leads at all times and only GUIDE DOGS are allowed in the Bar/Cafe.

12. NO MUCKING OUT OF HORSE BOXES/TRAILERS ON THE SHOW GROUND. Please use rubbish bins provided for all your litter.

13. NO SMOKING IN THE WARM UP, COLLECTING RING, GALLERY, BAR, STABLES OR CAFE. Designated smoking area provided outside on the patio.

14. No entries can be refunded unless either a medical or veterinary certificate is produced.
Safety:- The organisers of the show have taken reasonable precautions to ensure the health and safety of everyone present. For these measures to be effective, everyone must take all reasonable precautions to avoid and prevent accidents occurring and must obey the instructions of the organizers and all officials and stewards. It is the sole responsibility of all competitors to ensure that they are satisfied with the facilities before competing.

15. Children must have adult supervision at all times.

16. Horses and ponies should not be tied to lorries or left unattended whilst in the lorry park.

17. All entries must be signed, your payment of entry fee shall be deemed to be an acceptance of the above conditions, including all health and safety rules.

18. Spectators will be admitted into the viewing areas only on the understanding that they accept the rules and conditions laid out in this schedule. NO HORSES or PONIES allowed to stand in the collecting ring

Collecting ring will ONLY be used for warm up

Please park with thought for other competitors.

Security will be active in all car parks. Please report any problems to the collecting ring.

Indoor Arena - from £24 per hour Outdoor Arena - from £31per hour

To Book tel: Jean Clark Mobile 07958 650036

All droppings MUST be PICKED UP by hirer.

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