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National Balmoral Championships Horse Event Classes


Sunday, 14th July, 2019
1. 128 U10 Championship - 22.00
Sponsor: M.K. Surface Treatment Ltd
2. 128 90cm - 22.00
Sponsor: Chestnut Hill
3. 128 1m Championship - 25.00
Sponsor: Linen Green
4. 138 1m - 22.00
Sponsor: McFadden Civils Ltd
5. 138 1.10m Championship - 25.00
Sponsor: McFadden Civils Ltd
6. 148 1.10m - 22.00
Sponsor: McIdowies Solicitors
7. 148 1.20m Championship - 25.00
Sponsor: G.T.G. Biogas
8. COH / Juniors 1m - 20.00
9. 1.10m / 1.20m COH/Junior Championship - 20.00
10. 128 50cm National League - 20.00
Sponsor: Dunlop Horse Transport
11. 128 60cm - 20.00
Sponsor: Team Maguire
12. 128 70cm - 20.00
Sponsor: W.J. O'BRIEN & Son
13. 128 80cm - 20.00
Sponsor: Torrens Family.
14. 138 80cm - 20.00
Sponsor: Oliver McVeigh & Family
15. 138 90cm - 20.00
Sponsor: T. Valley Construction Ltd
16. 148 90cm - 20.00
Sponsor: TRAAD Nurseries
17. 148 1m - 20.00
Sponsor: AGON Ltd
Monday, 15th July, 2019
18. Ballyward Equestrian UR 1.20m Inc 5 YO & YR Qual - 25.00
Sponsor: Belfast Skin Clinic & Tullyraine Equine Clinic
19. 1.30m Incorporating 6/7 year old handicap - 25.00
Sponsor: Abbey Upholstery & Smyth Sport Horses
20. Ballyward Equestrian Ulster Region 1.35 Enter through
Sponsor: Corick House Hotel & Concept Group
21. Ballyward Equestrian 90 cm - 20.00
Sponsor: Workman Services
22. Ballyward Equestrian 1m - 20.00
Sponsor: MountCastle Farm
23. Ballyward Equestrian Ulster Region 1.10m - 20.00
24. Amateur 1 UR Ulster Amateur Cup Class - 20.00
Sponsor: Maddybenny Livery & Campsite
25. Amateur 2 Horseware Ireland Super League - 20.00
Sponsor: Horseware Ireland
Tuesday, 16th July, 2019
26. 1.20m Class Incorporating 5 yr old and 1.20YR qualying places - 25.00
Sponsor: Barclay Communications, W.Adrain & Tailored Equestrian
27. 1.30m Incorporating 6/7 yr old handicap - 25.00
Sponsor: Simon Scott & Friends
28. The Underwriting Exchange National Grand Prix
29. 1.30m Speed - 30.00
Sponsor: Mulvin Stables
30. 90cm - 20.00
31. 1M - 25.00
Sponsor: E.C. Rugs, Antrim
32. 1.10m - 20.00
Sponsor: R.Barkley & Sons
Sponsor: Electrotech Machinery Ltd
34. Horseware National Ladies League 1.1m - 20.00
Sponsor: Horseware Ireland
Wednesday, 17th July, 2019
35. 1.20 YR CHAMPIONSHIP - 25.00
Sponsor: Charles Hurst Landrover
Sponsor: storm-tec
37. 6/7 YR OLD CHAMPIONSHIP - 30.00
Sponsor: Electrotech Machinery Ltd & SJG Specialist Joinery Group
38. TRM/HSI New Heights Championship Grand Prix
Sponsor: KEC Style
40. 1.20m CHAMPIONSHIP - 25.00
Sponsor: McFadden Civils Ltd
41. 1m CHAMPIONSHIP - 25.00
Sponsor: Lusk Horse Transport
42. 1.10m CHAMPIONSHIP - 25.00
Sponsor: Wyse Byse

National Balmoral Championships Equestrian Event Notes


Course Designer/sRay Buchanan (Sen Nat), David Nicholl (Nat), Sylvia Nicholl (Nat), Colm Quinn (Sen Nat), Rafael Suarez (Sen Nat)
Rafael Suarez (Sen Nat) (FEI Level 2) Course designer- Main Eikon Arena. Colm Quinn (Sen Nat) Course designer Balmoral Arena 2. Assistants David Nicholl (Nat) Ray Buchanan (Sen Nat) Sylvia Nicholl (Nat)
Enquiries / Tel: 07568 427137
Safety OfficerLithgow Currie, Stephen McAlinden, Ray Buchanan
Show Director: Ray Buchanan
Assistant Show Director Derek Reid
Show Secretary: Grace Carlisle
Pony Coordinator: Aldyth Roulston
Horse Coordinator: Graham McIntyre
Stable Manager: Stephen McAlinden
Appeals Committee: Ray Buchanan, Myrtle Peak, Frances Monteith
Secretariat: Allison Mercer, Frances Monteith, Chantal Kane, Myrtle Peak
Judges Coordinator & Field Steward: Nicola Tang

Rules and Regulations for SJI National Balmoral Championships 2019
Pre-paid entries for all classes must be received online through horsemonkey by Thurs 11th July. Visit and search for national balmoral championships or click /type in the following link:
Competitors open a free account, add entries to basket and check out. Online chat support is availalbe by clicking blue icon for website queries. All entries must be fully paid to be accepted and included in start lists. Email or call show secretary with any queries.
Entry fee refunded for withdrawals up until 8.30pm the evening before relevant class.
Championships requiring qualification do not require pre-entry by this date and instead the system will be open to enter for qualified combinations on the day of qualification. (classes 35,36,37,39,40,41,42)
Entries for Event 23, Ballyward Equestrian Ulster Region Summer Horse Tour 1.35m, Event 28 Underwriting Exchange National Grand Prix League and Event 38 TRM/HSI New Heights Championship Grand Prix will open with SJI online system on Monday 8th July and close on Thursday 11th July at 4pm.
As Arena time is at a premium, the organisers have laid down the following rules - Horse riders may only enter three horses in any class, except event 28 where SJI and Event series rules apply, and may only qualify 2 horses for all championships except event 39 where amateurs may only qualify one horse. Should a rider qualify more than the requisite number, those first qualified will be considered as taking up Championship places, unless the show office is informed otherwise within 30 minutes from the announcement of the results of the last relevant competition.
Unless otherwise stated in the schedule, or where series rules apply, all qualifying horse competitions will be run under Article 274.8.5, (special Two Phase Competition) and all Championship competitions - under Article 238.2.2. (Competition against the clock.
Stabling: A limited number of stables are available on site at a cost of £30 for one night, £50 for two nights or £60 for three nights per horse. Stables must be booked and paid for at time of entry through the online horsemonkey website. ( refund available if cancelled by 9.00 p.m. on Friday, 12th July. No bedding will be provided. Limited Hook up is available at a price of £30 and must also be booked and paid for at time of entry through the online entry system.
All classes will be run in strict drawn order, start lists for each class will be available through the website and on our Facebook page: from Saturday 13th July. Competitors are expected to be ready on time, with the correct animal. Main Arena will take precedence over Horse Rings.
There will also be an area 17 Pony Club Jumps Ahead Class on the final day Wednesday 17th July
Rugs and sashes will be awarded to the winners of the following pony classes (1,3,5,7,9). There will also be a rug awarded to the winner of each championship horse class (classes 33,35,36,37,38,39,40, 41, 42)

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