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Norland Show 2019 Horse Event Classes


Sunday, 26th May, 2019
Class 1 - Veteran Horse/pony age 15 and over (In Hand) - 6.00
Class 2 - Yougstock (In Hand) - 6.00
Class 3 - Retired Race Horse (In Hand) - 6.00
Class 4 - Arabs & World Breeds (In Hand) - 6.00
Class 5 - Young Handler (In Hand) - 6.00
Class 6 - Condition in Hand Not Exceeding 148cms - 6.00
Class 7 - Family Horse/Pony (In Hand) - 6.00
Class 8 - Mountain & Moorland Small Breeds (In Hand) EQUIFEST QUALIFIER - 6.00
Class 9 - Mountain & Moorland Large Breeds (In Hand) EQUIFEST QUALIFIER - 6.00
Class 10 - Coloured (In Hand) EQUIFEST QUALIFIER - 6.00
Class 11 - Condition in Hand Exceeding 148cms - 6.00
Class 12 - Sport Horse (In Hand) - 6.00
Class 13 - Best Turned Out (Ridden) - 6.00
Class 14 - First Ridden Pony - not exceeding 128cms EQUIFEST QUALIFIER - 6.00
Class 15 - Tiny Tots Lead Rein (Ridden) - 6.00
Class 16 - Mountain & Moorland Small Breeds (Ridden) EQUIFEST QUALIFIER - 6.00
Class 17 - Mountain & Moorland Large Breeds (Ridden) EQUIFEST QUALIFIER - 6.00
Class 18 - Retired Racehorse (Ridden) - 6.00
Class 19 - Best Mane & Tail (In Hand) - 6.00
Class 20 - Family Horse/ Pony (Ridden) - 6.00
Class 21 - Lead Rein Pony of any type not exceeding 128cms EQUIFEST QUALIFIER - 6.00
Class 22 - Child Handler aged 3-6 (In Hand) - 6.00
Class 23 - Bonny Pony/Handsome Horse (In Hand) - 6.00
Class 24 - Family Fancy Dress (Ridden or in-hand) - 6.00
Class 25 - Novice Horse (Ridden) - 6.00
Class 26 - Ridden Cob EQUIFEST QUALIFIER - 6.00
Class 27 - Ridden Hunter EQUIFEST QUALIFIER - 6.00
Class 28 - Riding Horse (Ridden) EQUIFEST QUALIFIER - 6.00
Class 29 - Coloured Horse or Pony (Ridden) EQUIFEST QUALIFIER - 6.00
Class 30 - Veteran Horse/pony age 15 and over (Ridden) - 6.00
Class 31 - Novice Equitation (Ridden) - 6.00
Class 32 - Equitation over 16yrs (Ridden) - 6.00
Class 33 - Equitation 12-15yrs (Ridden) - 6.00
Class 34 - Equitation 11yrs and under (Ridden) - 6.00
Class 35 - Lead Rein Equitation (Ridden) - 6.00
Class 36 - Gymkhana Fun Games - 4.00

Norland Show 2019 Equestrian Event Notes


Full timetable and detailed schedule attached.
*To download the schedule you will need to access this page on a PC or Laptop, not in the App*

47th Annual Horse Show - Sunday 26th May 2019

*** Qualifiers for the Equifest Championship ***
*** Qualifiers for The Showing Register Championship ***
***Qualifier for the Veteran Horse Society Championship***

Rosettes 1st – 4th place, annual trophy to all class winners

Champion and Reserve from each section to compete for the 2019 Supreme Championship

Sash for Supreme Champion and Reserve Champion.

Advanced Entries via Horse Monkey: £6.00 / Gymkhanas £4.

ENTRIES ON THE DAY: £8.00 / Gymkhanas £5.

All horses attending must be vaccinated against equine flu in accordance with BEF guidance. Passports must be available on the day for spot checks.

Norland Show 2019 Horse Event UK News

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Calderdale Saddle Club Annual Show Rules and Regulations 2019

1. The organisers accept no responsibility for loss or damage, injury or accident to spectators, exhibitors, or riders, or their property as a result of attending this show. Please take appropriate care to prevent such accident or loss to yourselves and others. It is recommended that all competitors hold a suitable third party public liability insurance policy.

2. Riders must wear hard hats to the current BHS 2019 Riding Club regulations, securely fastened, at all times when mounted. It is the riders responsibility to ensure these rules are met and spot checks will take place. This also applies to handlers 15 years and under. No horse/pony under 4yrs will be allowed to compete in any ridden class.

3. All dogs must be kept on a lead, please clear up after your dog.

4. No exercising of horses and ponies in the parking area, in the interest of safety, please use the designated collecting ring only. No cantering/galloping outside of the competition rings. No lunging anywhere on the Showground.

5. Age for horse/pony and rider as at 1 January 2019. Except lead rein where competitors must be at least 3 years of age as of the day of the show.

6. Classes may be split or amalgamated at the organiser’s discretion.

7. All stallions and colts should be suitably bitted and handled by persons 16 yrs and over.

8. Any formal objections to results should be made in writing to the Secretary accompanied by a deposit of £20, which will be refunded if the objection is upheld.

9. It is the competitors’ responsibility to make sure they present themselves at the ring for judging on time. If an entry is late for a class due to competing in another ring the judge may wait, or allow late entry to the ring entirely at his/her own discretion. No refunds will be given.

10. No mucking out on the show field and please take all litter home with you.

11. Mistreatment of any animal on the Showground will not be tolerated, the competitor/handler may be asked to leave the Showground.

12. No Horse/pony to be left unattended tied outside a horsebox/trailer.

13. To qualify for Equifest it is the responsibility of the exhibitor to provide a qualification card for the judge to sign in the ring, these can be obtained from the Equifest Show Secretary before the day of the show. The Norland Show secretary may have some spare cards, please ask before entering the ring.

14. Novice equitation —snaffle bits only. No spurs allowed in any equitation classes, bits of a suitable type to be used at Judges discretion.

15. Horseboxes, Vehicles towing trailers and other motor vehicles MUST park where directed to avoid congestion. Failure to comply with this request will lead to you being asked to leave the Showground immediately and all entries forfeited.

All horses attending must be vaccinated against equine flu in accordance with BEF guidance. Passports must be available on the day for spot checks.

GDPR Data Protection
Calderdale Saddle Club shall have permission to store, process and retain all data and personal information provided by exhibitors, for the purposes of operating Norland Show, maintaining appropriate records and communicating with the exhibitor in future concerning Norland Show. By entering Norland Show, competitors agree for the Horse and Rider names to be displayed in results listings.

Please be aware that there will be an official photographer at this show and Calderdale Saddle Club reserve the right to use photographs taken at this show in any publications/Social Media.

Any questions about the Show Contact: Heather: 07751 384626/ Vanessa:07774 640776

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