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Sunday, 7th April, 2019
1A Walk and Trot Intro C (2016) Restricted Section - 16.00
1B Walk and Trot Intro C(2016) Open Section - 16.00
2A Prelim 17A (2017) Restricted Section - 16.00
2B Prelim 17A (2017) Open Section - 16.00
3 Novice 38 (2005) - 16.00
4 Elementary 57 (2007) - 16.00
5 Medium 73 (2007) - 16.00
6 Advanced Medium 92 (2011) - 16.00
7 Advanced 105 (2011) - 16.00

SDG  April Dressage Show  Equestrian Event Notes


Only open to members until 25 March. Open to non-members after this date.

Please read Terms and Conditions with regard to entering Open and Restricted classes.

When arriving, and leaving Cousland Park, if a horse is in the arena please could you wait until the rider has completed their test before passing in your vehicle. Thank you

Please select the services tab to pay for your First Aid. Entries will not be accepted if this has not been paid.

Discount on entry fee given to current members. You will need your membership number for this.

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*******Remember to bring your horse Passport - all passports will be checked.
Please bring your passport to the scorer's hut before riding. ******

SDG  April Dressage Show  Horse Event Terms and conditions

Event Terms & Conditions

If you have to withdraw on the day of the competition, please try and make contact with the competition secretary.

Scottish Dressage Group – Rules and Regulations 2017/18
1. These competitions are open to non-members but priority will be given to members.
2. Rider/horse combinations are restricted to 2 tests per combination per competition.
3. The Walk and Trot Intro Class is intended to encourage inexperienced horse and rider combinations to take part in Dressage Competitions. The class is intended particularly for those that are not proficient at cantering a 20 metre circle.
4. The Intro and Prelim classes have 2 sections, Open and Restricted. Entry Criteria for the sections is as follows:
• Intro Restricted – Open to riders who have not competed at prelim level or above before on any horse.
• Intro Open – Open to all riders.
• Prelim Restricted – Open to riders who have not competed at novice level or above before on any horse.
• Prelim Open – Open to all riders. It is not possible to enter both the Intro and Prelim classes as a restricted rider.
Likewise, if entering a Novice class, the prelim class must be entered in the open section. You may only enter either the restricted OR open section of the intro and prelim classes, not both.
5. Any combination winning the points trophy in a restricted class will only be able to enter the Open section of that class in the following seasons.
6. No combination may win the trophy for both open and restricted sections of the same class in any season.
7. All competitions are run under the current British Dressage Rules and all Riding Hats must comply with the current British Riding Club Rules/ British Dressage Rules. Harnesses must be correctly adjusted and fastened. Protective Headwear should carry the quality assurance stamp of kite mark or SEI and must meet any new standard that meets or exceeds those stated in the Rules of BRC and BD. For 2016 onwards, EN1384 is not acceptable. For full details of accepted standards, check BRC website ( It is the rider’s responsibility to ensure that their hat meets the new standards (including date and quality assurance mark) and shows the original label. Failure to do so will mean that the rider is not covered by the BRC third party insurance.
8. The use of HEAD CAMS are strictly prohibited at any BRC affiliated competition. This includes use on the head, chest, bridle or any other part of the horse or rider.
9. Rules for British Riding Club and British Dressage can be accessed on their Web Sites: and
10. We regret that no refunds will be given after the closing date.
11. We ask all riders to be considerate and keep the horsebox/trailer parking area clean. Please collect and take home litter and horse droppings. Please keep dogs on a lead and under control at all times and pick up all droppings.
12. Please park cars by the main yard and not in the designated lorry/trailer park, which is next to the outdoor arena.
13. We endeavour to have a First Aider present at our events, on a voluntary basis. When this is not possible, we will hire a first aider externally and charge an extra fee per rider.
14. All riders ride at their own risk. British Riding Club insurance cover is not insurance for individual personal cover. SDG/Riding Club insurance does not provide personal accident insurance.
15. Riders under 18 must be accompanied by parent or guardian. Directions to Cousland Park Training and Livery Centre - Full details of the location and access to Cousland Park can be found on the Scottish Dressage Group Web Site:

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