Queach Farm Stables  (I-AM) Horse Event

Queach Farm Stables (I-AM)

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Sunday, 16th June, 2019
1 - Introductory A - 15.00
2 - Introductory B - 15.00
3 - Preliminary 7 - S - 15.00
4 - Preliminary 13 - S - 15.00
Sponsor: BackInAction
5 - Novice 24 - S - 17.00
6 - Novice 30 - S - 17.00
Sponsor: Dodson & Horrell
7 - Elementary 42 - S - 17.00
8 - Elementary 49 - S - 17.00
Sponsor: Childeric Saddles
9 - Medium M63 - S - 20.00
10 - Medium M71 - S - 20.00
Sponsor: TopSpec
11 - Advanced Medium AM90 - S - 20.00
Sponsor: Equine Construction
12 - Advanced Medium AM93 - S - 20.00
Sponsor: Equine Construction

Queach Farm Stables  (I-AM) Equestrian Event Notes


1 x (20x40) X-Ride All Weather Surface.  1 x outdoor warm-up area on grass. Hard standing area for parking. Toilet facilities. No caterer, please ensure your bring your own refreshments. Please ensure that all entries are sent to the Secretary's address and not the venue address as we cannot guarantee receipt. Late entries accepted. Practice judging by prior arrangement with secretary. No Lunging. Refunds of entry fees only made on sight of valid vet or doctors certificate.

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To all those competing on Sunday 16th June, please remember that your horse must have been vaccinated against equine flu in the last 6 months. Whilst we appreciate that this is not a British Dressage Rule it is our venue rule in order to protect our horses, and we are well within our rights to enforce this. We are following recommendation of best practice in accordance with recommendations provided by the Animal Health Trust. Please do not bring any horse that is unwell. We will be carrying out checks, so ensure that you have your horse's passport with you. If your horse has not been vaccinated within the last 6 months or you cannot produce the passport for checking, you will not be allowed to compete. For any of you that have entered our competition and cannot or will not have your horse vaccinated to bring them within the six month period then please contact us and a full refund will be given. As a venue we will be following the BE Rules which is we will allow the booster vaccine to be administered within the 7 days preceding the date of the competition as long as it is not on the day of the competition itself. This rule will be applicable to all of our competitions going forwards until further notice.

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Mrs Rachel Hillier
Ms Debbie Morgan

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