Quob Stables (I-GP) Horse Event

Quob Stables (I-GP)

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Wednesday, 13th February, 2019
1 - Preliminary P19 - 19.00
Sponsor: BackInAction
2 - Novice N23 - 19.00
3 - Elementary E53 - W - 19.00
Sponsor: Childeric Saddles
4 - Medium M73 - 19.00
Sponsor: TopSpec
5 - Advanced Medium AM 91 - 19.00
Sponsor: Equine Construction

Quob Stables (I-GP) Equestrian Event Notes


No Lungeing. No Dogs. 1 indoor 60x30 cushion track arena. 1 outdoor 50x30 sand/rubber arena. 1 indoor 15x30 sand arena. Conference and cafe facilities available. Stabling available on request. Return entries FAO: Secretary or enter online at www.quobstables.com.

No cheques accepted. An admin fee of £1.50 will be added to all phone and email entries.

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