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Saturday, 19th January, 2019
Intro A - Members - 12.00
Intro A - Non-members - 14.00
Prelim 18 - Members - 12.00
Prelim 18 - Non-members - 14.00
Novice 28 - Members - 12.00
Novice 28 - Non-members - 14.00
Elementary 44 - Members - 12.00
Elementary 44 - Non-members - 14.00

BBA Dressage Equestrian Event Notes


We are holding dressage at Alsager Equestrian Centre on the morning of Saturday, 19th January.
Open to members and non members, £12 members, £14 non members.
Entries on Horse Monkey or to Joy Toomer – or 07860118181. Payment can be made by cheque or BACS but should be paid before the day. Entries close the preceeding Wednesday and times will be on the website on the preceeding Friday.

The dressage is indoor but working in is outdoor
Non members are advised to have their own third party insurance.
Hats to current standards should be worn

BBA Dressage Horse Event UK News

Latest event news

Times for Dressage 19th January.
We have a good entry and we have to be out of the arena by noon. I would be grateful if you could all endeavour to be as prompt as possible, it will be most appreciated. Please note that Chance Hall Lane, (Alcumlow) is closed for four weeks between the A34 and Church Lane so if that is your normal route you will have to follow the diversion which will take just a few more minutes. Please contact Joy with any queries during today (Thursday) or after six tomorrow as I have a family funeral tomorrow and will not be available during the day. Kristine Pemberton will take any queries during the day on Friday and advise me later. Contact details on the original post for this competition.

We have a number of new faces coming to the dressage and we welcome you and hope you will have an enjoyable day, our competitions are low key and we hope to make them as inviting as possible for everyone who attends. If you are not a member of BorderBridleways Asscociation we very much recommend that you should have your own third party insurance in place. Our members are covered for third party insurance at our events. Correct hats and boots should be worn but we are not over stringent provided everything is tidy and safe. Whips and spurs are allowed, care should be taken with schooling whips not to startle other competitor’s horses in the collecting ring. Should anyone wish to ride in non dressage legal tack eg a martingale or non legal bit they can do so but must declare it and the entry will be judged but not be competitive. Five points will be deducted for horse boots. Neck straps are allowed. Callers are allowed. Please pass left to left in the collecting ring and remember that some of the horses may be young or nervy so don’t get too close! A red ribbon should be worn by a horse who may kick and a green one if your horse is a baby, this will encourage other people to give the horse a wider berth.

The committee wishes you a happy competition and hopes to see you again , our next competition is 11th March in the evening and details will be posted on the website and on Horse Monkey shortly.

Last, but not least, the best of luck to you all.

BBA Dressage
Venue: Alsager Equestrian Centre
Organiser: Border Bridleways
Start date: Saturday, 19th January, 2019
Time Rider Horse
Elem 44 09:20 kristine Pemberton Boss paid BACS
Intro A 09:26 Andrea Barker Mia
Intro A 09:32 Maggie Marincovic Mo paid BACS
Intro A 09:38 Millie Hancox Blue paid
Intro A 09:44 Jane Oakden Maximus paid HM
Intro A 09:50 Donna Ridgwell Mickie paid HM
Intro A 09:56 Erin Homer The Goblin King paid HM
Intro A 10:02 Rachel Heyhoe Trenewydd Madelaine paid HM
Intro A 10:08 Rachel Garlic paid
Intro A 10:14 Beverley Ashton Skye paid HM
Prelim 18 10:30 Pat Guerin Mo paid BACS
Prelim 18 10:36 Robyn Lyndon
Prelim 18 10:42 Beverley Ashton Skye paid HM
Novice 28 10:48 Anndrea Bossen April paid
Novice 28 10:54 Sue Heaven Maisie paid HM
Elem 44 11:00 Andrea Bossen April paid

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