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Sunday, 13th January, 2019
65 cms - 35.00
80 cms - 35.00
90 cms - 35.00
100 cms - 35.00
110 cms - 35.00

Bloxham School Eventer Challenge Series Equestrian Event Notes


In the 'TEAM' box, please either enter 'Team 'name of school' or if you are an Individual please enter 'Individual 'name of school'.

Teams of 4 or 3 pupils competing in a class must be nominated to the Secretary before the class begins. The best 3 scores in each team to count.

A team may have 1 rider competing on 2 horses.

Please note there will be a start fee of £5.00.

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Bloxham School Eventer Challenge Series Horse Event Terms and conditions

Event Terms & Conditions


In full cross-country gear take to the arena to jump a continual mixed jump course of show jumps and real cross-country fences including water, banks, drops and ditches (relevant to the competition level), whilst the final fence will be back to show jumping over a joker fence to finish. The SJ phase and XC phases will be time independently. Riders over published show jumping time will be given 5 penalties. The XC phase will be judged on closest to the optimum time.


Please read SPECIAL NOTES for cancellation policy BEFORE entering. Please make your entry on line using Horse Monkey ( No entry is accepted without the payment. All entries will be taken on a first come first served basis and will close when full. There will be no refunds for entries made after the closing date. Entries include Vat (Vat No 608 417 053). Any alterations to entries (ie change of rider/class/day £12 per change).


Faults will be awarded around the course as follows:

Refusal at SJ 4 faults
3 refusals at same SJ Elimination
4 refusals at total SJ Elimination
Knockdown of SJ 4 faults
Over SJ time 5 faults

Knockdown of Joker 8 faults

Refusal at XC 20 faults
2nd refusal at same XC 40 faults
3rd refusal at same XC Elimination
4 refusals at total XC Elimination

1st rider fall (any phase) 20 faults (time stops– you may continue)
2nd rider fall (any phase) Elimination
Horse fall (any phase) Elimination


Rosettes to 10th place. Prizes in kind to 3rd place.


Will be awarded on a sliding scale of 10pts for 1st place to 1pt for 10th place for each class at each competition. The top 30 riders in each Class (most points throughout season) will go through to the Championship.


The times will be published after the closing date.


Horses/Ponies must be 4years of age or older. British Eventing points do not apply to this competition. Riders should be 10 years of age or over unless Organiser’s permission to compete has been obtained. Hard hats fastened at the chin must be worn at all times when mounted to specifications detailed in British Eventing rules. Body protectors must be worn. Any horse or pony, which is considered to be unsound, unfit or unhealthy by a Judge or the Organisers will be excluded from further competition without refund of entry fee.

Start fee of £5 to be paid in CASH at the time of number collection


Objections must be made in writing within half an hour of the incident together with a £50 deposit. The deposit will be forfeited if the objection is not sustained.


In the very unlikely event of abandonment, entries will be transferred to the next Eventer Challenge date. Paper numbers will be used, so please make sure that you have a number bib (A limited number will be available to borrow on the day at a cost of £10.00). Horse OR Rider substitutions will be accepted at the cost of £12, Horse AND Rider substitutions will NOT be accepted.


Grid reference SP495505. Aston le Walls is situated between Banbury and Daventry. From A361 follow signs to Aston le Walls, over a narrow bridge and Washbrook farm is on the left.


The Organisers of this event have taken reasonable precautions to ensure the health and safety of every person present. For these measures to be effective, everyone must take all reasonable precautions to avoid and prevent accidents occurring and must obey the instructions of the organiser and all the officials and stewards.


Except for the negligence of the Organisers and their agents or others for whom in law they are responsible, the Organisers do not accept responsibility in respect of any accident, loss, damage, injury, illness or disease caused to or suffered by any horse, owner, rider, spectator, sponsor, and others present at the site of the Event and their property, vehicles and accoutrements.


The Organisers reserve the right to cancel any class or section or divide any class, to transfer competitors between sections of a class, alter the advertised times and refuse any entry.

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