Cockshot  REG (I-GP) Horse Event

Cockshot REG (I-GP)

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Sunday, 24th March, 2019
1 - Preliminary P15 - 19.00
Sponsor: BackInAction
2 - Preliminary P17A - 19.00
Sponsor: BackInAction
3 - Novice N22 - 19.00
4 - Novice 38 - W - 19.00
Sponsor: Dodson & Horrell
5 - Elementary E40 - 19.00
6 - Elementary 57 - W - 19.00
Sponsor: Childeric Saddles

Cockshot  REG (I-GP) Equestrian Event Notes


No dogs. No lungeing. Please make cheques payable to Cockshot Farm Stables. Late entries accepted at £2 extra Rosettes to 6th in each section. Limited stabling is available. DO NOT SEND BD Entries to the Venue Address - send to the Secretary Address only please otherwise they may not be received. PSG/Inter1 also qualifes for the Carrington Accounting Services PSG/Inter1 series see website for details

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