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Saturday, 27th October, 2018
16:30 - 60.00
17:15 - 60.00
18:00 - Carol Wood - 60.00
18:45 - 60.00
Sunday, 28th October, 2018
9.15 - 60.00
10.00 - 60.00
10.45 - 60.00
11.30 - 60.00
12.15 - 60.00
13.00 - 60.00
13:45 - 60.00
14:30 - 60.00
15:15 - 60.00
16:00 - Sarah Cousland - 55.00

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Jennifer's experience with young horses, eventing and top level dressage makes her a great trainer for all riders and levels.

Jennifer holds her UKCC 3 training qualification and has competed up to Advanced level in Eventing and up to Inter 2 Dressage on horses she has produced from foals and brought on to qualify at every level at the National championships over the years and holds Scottish titles at Novice, Elementary, Medium, Advanced Medium, PSG and Inter 1 levels.

"I am extremely passionate about my training; both of the horse and of horse & rider combinations. I love it!!

My training philosophy is based on cutting no corners ever, and being very thorough with the basic correctness. I love to inspire riders to improve and to aim higher than they thought possible and I gain huge pleasure from witnessing their success whether it be just in the arena at home, or out in the competition arena. Training is a journey and I love nothing more than being part of that journey with my clients."

More about Jennifer here

Members £52
Non-Members £60
Non-member Liveries at Cousland Park £55
BD Flexi-training also available

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