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Sunday, 25th November, 2018
Class 0 'Have a Go' Jumping 50-60 cm over shorter course 7-8 fences - 8.00
Class 1 Combined Event 70cm with BE Dressage Test 91 - 25.00
Class 2 Arena Eventing 70cm Jumping Phase Only - 15.00
Class 3 Combined Event 80cm with BE Dressage Test 95 - 25.00
Class 3A RoR 80cm Combined Event 80cm with British Eventing Dressage 95 - 25.00
Class 4 Arena Eventing 80cm Jumping Phase only - 15.00
Class 5 Combined Event 90cm with BE Dressage Test 96 - 25.00
Class 6 Arena Eventing 90cm Jumping Phase only - 15.00
Class 7 Combined Event 100cm with BE Dressage Test 102 - 25.00
Class 8 Arena Event 100cm Jumping Phase only - 15.00

 Arena Event Equestrian Event Notes


Classes and therefore times will run in schedule order. Please bear this in mind if you have multiple rides.
Dressage times will be published by 18.00 Friday prior to event
Jumping times - Class 0 will be open to jump in any order , time will be published on Friday prior, eg. 8.45 to 9.30. The other jumping classes may have individual times published or an open time for each class eg. 70cm 9.40 to 10.55 This will depend on number of entrants.

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 Arena Event Horse Event Terms and conditions

Event Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply to all competitors and spectators and must be adhered to at all times. Entry into this competition, shall be deemed an acceptance of these Terms and Conditions
• The Organisers and Osbaldeston Riding Centre do not accept any responsibility or liability for any injury, accident, damage or illness to any person, property or animal whatsoever, or for any loss whatsoever, arising out of, or occurring at this event. It shall be a condition of entry, each entrant shall indemnify the Organisers against any legal action whatsoever arising from any accident.
• All dogs must be kept on leads and under proper control at all times and cleaned up after
• No horse or pony under the age of 4 years shall be ridden in any Class.
• Full and correct attire must be worn by all competitors when riding. For all classes all competitors and grooms, when mounted, must wear a British Standard skull/ hard hat, which must be fastened.
Failure to do so will incur elimination. The Organisers nor Osbaldeston Riding Centre accepts any responsibility for any injury arising from a failure to comply with this. Body protectors are required for the jumping phase. For dressage classes, BD compliant tack & kit must be worn. For Arena Eventing, BE compliant tack & kit must be worn – including Body Protector
• The Organisers reserve the right to cancel, limit, divide or amalgamate any Class.
• The decision of the Judge is final.
• Online entries only via Horse Monkey.
• REFUNDS will only be given on the production of a valid veterinary or doctor’s certificate. Class entry fee and first aid fee will only be refunded. Online booking fee NOT included.
• Entries close on Sunday 18th November at 23.00, though the Organisers reserve the right to close entries sooner.

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