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Friday, 17th August, 2018
Whizz Around - 6.00
Steady Eddies - 13.50
Open Mixed - 13.50
Junior Senior Split Open - 13.50

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Yorkshire EC Barrel Racing Series 2018
Next one Friday 17th Aug
✔️Open to all, young and old, steady or speedy!
✔️Indoor warm up
✔️Cafe serving all evening
✔️Overall Points League and the chance to win our Rider of the Year Championship worth over £3k!
✔️The Infamous Y.E.C rosettes
✔️Great friendly atmosphere, with country music and fun for riders and spectators
Classes start at 6.15pm
First aid cover £1 per rider
Whizz-around Practice run. One non timed practice run. £6 per entry. Rosette to all runs who do not knock over a barrel.
Entry Fee per class £13.50 pre entry only! Entries close the DAY BEFORE.
Class 1 - Steady Eddies. For the young and old who prefer a more 'Rolls Royce' slower paced run, novice riders and horses, lead rein allowed. Judged as one section.
Class 2 -Open - Judged as one section
Class 3 - Senior and Junior Open. Judged as Seniors and Juniors (16 yrs and under) on either horse or pony.
Each class, riders run twice. Times from both runs will be added together and divided by 2 to determine the average time.
Knocking down a barrel adds 5 seconds to time, knocking 3 barrels = run will not be counted. No excessive use of whip or aids - excessive use may incur disqualification at the judges discretion.
Riders can enter as many times as they wish on different horse but each horse must only enter once per class, i.e no horse sharing in class.
No restrictions on horse or pony heights, just horse and rider a sensible match.
Current Standard hats must be worn. Western style hats must not be worn whilst mounted.
English or western tack.
Dress code; Western style attire preferred must all riders must be smartly dressed.
Entry fee £13.50 pre entries ONLY!!!
First Aid Cover £1 per rider

Declarations on the day with the event secretary.
Enter now at www.yorkshireec.co.uk/online-entries or www.horsemonkey.com
Full details available www.yorkshireec.co.uk

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