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Saturday, 13th October, 2018
60cm 9.30am Unaffiliated Showjumping with Cricklands Qualifiers 9.20am - 10.00
65cm Unaffiliated Class with Cricklands Qualifiers 9.45am
Class 1a Club -10.30am Senior 70cm Entries taken for all classes on the day This class starts 10.30am - 10.00
Class 1b Club - Junior 70cm - 10.00
Class 2a Club - Senior 80cm - 10.00
Class 2b Club - Junior 80cm - 10.00
Class 3a Club - Senior 90cm - 10.00
Class 3b Club - Junior 90cm - 10.00
Class 4a Club - Senior 1.00m - 10.00
65cm Unaffiliated class open to all time 1.30pm - 11.00
Class 4b Club - Junior 1.00m - 10.00
Class 5 Schools 2pm70cm League Class This Class starts 2pm - 10.00
Class 6 Schools 80cm League Class - 10.00
Class 7 Schools 90cm League Class - 10.00
Class 8 Schools 1.00m League Class - 10.00
Class 9 Schools 1.10m League Class - 10.00

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First Aid is provided by an external provider, please use the link in the More Information section to find out what charges there may be for first aid.

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