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Saturday, 18th August, 2018
My Quest Open Introductory Intro A - 16.00
My Quest U21 Introductory Intro A - 16.00
Team Quest Open Introductory Intro B - 16.00
Team Quest U21 Introductory Intro B - 16.00
My Quest Open Preliminary P2 - 16.00
My Quest U21 Preliminary P2 - 16.00
Team Quest Open Preliminary P13 - 16.00
Team Quest U21 Preliminary P13 - 16.00
My Quest Open Novice N24 - 16.00
My Quest U21 Novice N24 - 16.00
Team Quest Open Novice N27 - 16.00
Team Quest U21 Novice N27 - 16.00

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Sunday competition riding times will be available on FRIDAY NOT Thursday. Late entries £3 per class extra. E-mail sianeadon@live.co.uk if posting your entry the week of the show. Use e-mail or Facebook ( Moli shows @ Cobham Manor EC) for enquiries.

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