Pre Season Working Hunter Show Horse Event

Pre Season Working Hunter Show

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Working Hunter         

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Saturday, 24th March, 2018
Clear Round 60cm - 6.00
60cms Working Hunter Pony - 15.00
75cms Working Hunter Pony - 15.00
85cms Working Hunter Pony - 15.00
95cms Working Hunter Pony - 15.00
Clear Round 70cms - 6.00
75cms Working Hunter - 15.00
85cms Working Hunter Pony - 15.00
95cms Working Hunter - 15.00
1.05m Working Hunter - 15.00

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Pre Season Working Hunter Show Horse Event Terms and conditions

Event Terms & Conditions

Warren Farm Equestrian Centre Terms and Conditions
1. These Terms and Conditions apply to all competitors and spectators and must be
adhered to at all times. Entry into any competition, including the hire of the Centre,
shall be deemed an acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.
2. Warren Farm Equestrian Centre reserve the right to refuse entry/hire without stating
the reason, to cancel the competition and all rights of admission.
3. Warren Farm Equestrian Centre do not accept any responsibility or liability for any
injury, accident, damage or illness to any person, property or animal whatsoever, or
for any loss whatsoever, arising out of, or occurring at any competition, show or
event. It shall be a condition of entry/hire of the Centre that each entrant shall
indemnify the organisers against any legal action whatsoever arising from any
4. Everyone must take all reasonable precautions to avoid and prevent accidents
occurring and must obey the instructions of the officials and stewards.
5. Prize money not collected on the day will be forfeited.
6. No entry or stable fees will be refunded.
7. Any individual seen to be causing distress or suffering to any animal will be asked
to leave and may be reported to the appropriate authorities.
8. No horse or pony under the age of 4 years shall be ridden at any competition.
WHEN MOUNTED. Full and correct attire must be worn by all competitors when
competing or hiring the Centre. For show jumping all competitors and grooms,
when mounted, must wear a British Standard skull/hard hat, which must be
fastened. Failure to do so will incur elimination.
10. Any competitor who is considered by the organisers, stewards, judges to have
received outside assistance without prior permission, will be eliminated from their
11. It is the owners/riders responsibility to ensure that horses/ponies are the correct
height for their Class.
12. The decision of the Judge on the day in all Classes will be final.
13. Horses and/or ponies must not be left unattended at any time when tied outside
Horse boxes or trailers.
14. Collecting Ring area is for the purpose of warming up. It is strictly not a viewing or
standing area, nor is it to be used by anyone other than those entered in the current
15. Competitors are requested, prior to leaving, to clean up any droppings or hay,
straw or shavings around their horsebox/trailer and to dispose of these at home.
16. Warren Farm Equestrian Centre reserves the right to alter any schedule at any time
without prior notice.
17. Warren Farm Equestrian Centre use Horse Monkey as their chosen event
administration system. Entry form details will be added to this system to inform
competitors that their entries have been received. If competitors do not wish for
this information to be shared with our chosen entry system, then we need to be
informed in writing.

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