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Kings Equestrian P-GP +FSMN-PSGQ Horse Event

Kings Equestrian P-GP +FSMN-PSGQ

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Kings Equestrian P-GP +FSMN-PSGQ Horse Event Classes


Saturday, 24th March, 2018
Medium M61 - 20.00
Medium M76 - 20.00
Freestyle Music Medium FSMM - 20.00
Advanced Medium AM85 - 20.00
Advanced Medium AM 91 - 20.00
Freestyle Music Adv. Medium FSMAM - 20.00
Advanced PYOA - 20.00
Pick Your Own PYOFEI - 25.00
Freestyle Music PSG FSMPSG - 20.00
Sunday, 25th March, 2018
Preliminary P15 - 20.00
Preliminary P17A - 20.00
Novice N23 - 20.00
Novice N37A - 20.00
Freestyle Music Novice FSMN - 20.00
Elementary E43 - 20.00
Elementary E59 - 20.00
Freestyle Music Elementary FSME - 20.00

Kings Equestrian P-GP +FSMN-PSGQ Equestrian Event Notes


Postal & Online Entries will close 4 days prior to the event. Late entries accepted if space & will need to be made by calling the office on 01885 400650. Warm up and competition on excellent sand surfaces. Large indoor arena. Viewing galleries. No Lunging. Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times. Dennys Diner with varied hot and cold menu. All Prizes PO.

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