Equestrian Event Port Royal P-MQ in Port Royal Equestrian & Exhibition Centre 14 Mar 2018 - Horse Monkey Events

Port Royal P-MQ Horse Event

Port Royal P-MQ

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Wednesday, 14th March, 2018
Preliminary P2 - 20.00
Preliminary P17A - 20.00
Novice N27 - 20.00
Novice N39 - 20.00
Elementary E44 - 20.00
Elementary E59 - 20.00
Medium M69 - 20.00
Medium M76 - 20.00

Port Royal P-MQ Equestrian Event Notes


Fantastic facilities, friendly and proffessional. Please contact the Secretary on 07950 819267 or www.portroyaleec.co.uk for further information. 4 Outdoor arenas. sand and rubber surfaces and Vasatrack surfaces undercover viewing plus on site cafe Please enter online at www.portroyaleec.co.uk Please note,We no longer accept cheques

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