Equestrian Event Eaglesfield EC P-MQ in Eaglesfield Equestrian Centre 24 Apr 2018 - Horse Monkey Events

Eaglesfield EC P-MQ Horse Event

Eaglesfield EC P-MQ

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Eaglesfield EC P-MQ Horse Event Classes


Tuesday, 24th April, 2018
Preliminary P19 - 20.00
Preliminary P17A - 20.00
Novice N22 - 20.00
Novice N38 - 20.00
Elementary E43 - 20.00
Elementary E59 - 20.00
Medium M61 - 20.00
Medium M73 - 20.00

Eaglesfield EC P-MQ Equestrian Event Notes


Warm up indoor on surface.

Tests on indoor 20 x 60 surface.

Classes may be limited.

Late entries accepted if room £2 fee.

Directions: www.eaglesfield.net or 07958 650036

Times: Sunday before event - posted from 2:30pm on www.eaglesfield.net
or Ring Sally Rowe 07754 173010 between 6-8pm

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Please remember the rule change about Bridle numbers.
Since 1st Dec 2017 numbers must be displayed on both sides of your horse.

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* Late entries accepted up to 96h. before start date

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