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Sunday, 17th September, 2017
CLASS 1 –BEGINNERS Max height 60cms - 15.00
CLASS 2 – Novice (Any age ) Qualifier Approx height 70cms - 15.00
CLASS 3 –PAIRS Qualifier Approx height 80cms - 35.00
CLASS 4 -80 cms Qualifier Approx height 80cms - 20.00
CLASS 5 – 90cms Qualifier Approx height 90cms - 20.00

Belle Vue Cross Country Equestrian Event Notes


Course Length - approx 1.5 miles Classes 2,3, 4 & 5 with a short time section.
Closing Date for Entries - Thurs 5th Oct.
Starting Times –on website from Friday evening, or ring 01244 300220 or 301465 on
Saturday 7th October between 6.30 -9.30pm.
Rules for All Classes are as displayed at the Secretary’s Box.
Number Cloths require a £5 Deposit
Contact No for day of event 07702 230638

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Signposted from the A51 and the A41
Turn off A51 by Chester Rugby Club, go past entrance and over bridge, take 1st right into Belle Vue Lane,
farm is on right 200metres after motorway bridge.

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* Late entries accepted up to 48h. before start date

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