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Christmas Jumping!!

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Sunday, 10th December, 2017
Clear Round til 10.30am - 2.00
Elf stakes - 45cms - 7.00
Santa and Rudolph relay - 2 riders, 2 horses each ride a round against the clock passing the Christmas cracker! 50cms - 7.00
Santa and his little helper! Otherwise known as Horse and Hound! Rider rides course, then dismounts and runs the course with santas little helper (doggie!!) We will have doggies for hire too if you don't have your own!! 50cms - 7.00
Santa and his Elf!! So, a different take on the horse and hound - instead of running the course with your dog, you find yourself an 'Elf' - can be mum/dad/child/partner - or just a random elf!!! 55cms - 7.00
60cm Bauble stakes - 1 round against the clock! - 7.00
Tinsel take your own line - 65cms. Jump the course of fences in any order in the fastest time! - 7.00
Christmas cracker relay - 2 riders and horses, 1 cracker! Fastest time wins! - 7.00
Mince Pie Accumulator - every fence has a points value, jump as many as you can in 1 minute to gain the most points. 60cms- 80cms. - 7.00
Christmas Puissance Planks - for Elves. 3 fences, raised every round - starting at 55cms. - 7.00
Christmas Puissance Planks - for Santas! 3 fences raised each round, starting at 70cms. - 7.00

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no need for proper show dress, can be as Christmassy as you like!!!!

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