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Summerhouse E.C. Senior British Showjumping Horse Event

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Show Jumping         

Summerhouse E.C. Senior British Showjumping Horse Event Classes


Tuesday, 26th September, 2017
Class 0 Clear Round - 12.00
Class 1a KBIS Insurance Senior British Novice - First Round - 18.00
Class 1b Senior 90cm Open - 18.00
Class 2a Nupafeed Supplements Senior Discovery - First Round - 20.00
Class 2b Senior 1.00m Open - 20.00
Class 3 Senior 1.05m Open - 20.00
Class 4a Connolly's RED MILLS Senior Newcomers - First Round - 22.00
Class 4b Senior 1.10m Open - 22.00
Class 5 Senior 1.15m Open - 22.00
Class 6a Equitop Myoplast Senior Foxhunter First Round - 22.00
Class 6b Senior 1.20m Open - 22.00
Class 7 National 1.30m Open - 27.00

Summerhouse E.C. Senior British Showjumping Equestrian Event Notes


First Aid is provided by an external provider.

Please Note This Is A Restricted Schedule. We Are Restricted By British Show Jumping, And Will Only Run Up To The National 1.30m Open.

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Summerhouse E.C. Senior British Showjumping Horse Event Terms and conditions

Event Terms & Conditions

In accordance with British Showjumping Rule 79.5.1, Summerhouse is only required to repay 50% of entry fees in respect of all entry cancellation received by the Show Secretary no later than 48hours before noon of the day on which the first class is scheduled to start. Later cancellations received by the Show Secretary will not be refunded or transferred, including on-the-day entries. This also applies for Unaffiliated competitions.

1. The show organisers reserve the right to refuse entries without assigning a reason.

2. The show organisers have the right to cancel any part or the whole of the show.

3. No unauthorised persons shall enter the show or collecting rings.

4. The judges’ decision is final. All objections must be lodged in writing with the Show Secretary within 30 minutes of the completion of judging of the competition involved. A deposit of £20.00 must accompany the objection, which will be returned if the Jury of Appeal upholds the objection.

5. Correct and safe dress must be worn at all times. Protective headgear must be worn at all times when mounted on any part of the showground. It is the duty of riders in the interest of safety, to ensure that their headgear provides proper protection, is correctly fitted and remains in place.

6. All owners and riders (where applicable, parents or guardians) of horses/ponies competing in any Jumping/Dressage event shall be deemed to be subject to the Rules & Regulations of British Showjumping/British Dressage.

7. Each competitor, owner or where applicable, parent or guardian, shall be solely responsible for consequences of loss or damage done to, occasioned by, or arising from any animal in their care and indemnity the Show organisers & Summerhouse EC, their officials, agents & invites against all liabilities, damages, actions, claims, proceedings, costs and/or expense in relation to or arising from his/her presence at the show.

8. The show organisers nor Summerhouse EC, their officials and agents can not be held responsible for any accidents, theft, loss or damage, how so ever caused, arising out of or at the show.

9. All Payments must be made by cash or cards only.

10. Any entries unpaid by the end of the show day will incur an additional £10 admin charge. This includes declined cards and for each returned/damaged cheque

11. Please note that if shows are busy we may restrict entries and close classes. To guarantee an entry please pre-enter online. Entries will only be taken on the day if space and time allows.

12. Riders competing in a show jumping class before entering will be charged an additional £3.

13. No refund of entry fees as stated in the relevant Societies Rule book (BD Rule 38A and British Showjumping Rule 79.5).

14. Unaffiliated competitions will be run in accordance to the Rule Book of the relevant discipline.

15. Prize money in accordance with British Showjumping Rule 76.6 and British Dressage Rule 40.

16. As per British Showjumping Rule 31.5 unaccompanied Competitors must provide the Show organiser a contact telephone number in case of an emergency.

17. Rules on stallions as per British Showjumping Rule 82.20 and 102.12 (as per 2015 Members Handbook) and British Dressage Rule 62.

18. Medical cover in accordance of British Showjumping rule 73.8e.

19. All dogs to be kept on leads at all times including in the lorry park.

20. There is a £20 fine for any dog mess not picked up

21. There is a £10 fine for any horses tied up outside the horse box, that dig a hole in our car park

22. There is a £50 fine for any horse poo emptied out onto the car park

23. There is a £10 fine for any painted poles, used as ground poles

24. Due to the huge volume of traffic on and off the site, we are unable to keep the main entrance gate closed. Please be aware of this and do not tie horses up outside their box. Please only enter if you are happy to accept that the gates are open at all times, when the centre is open.

25. With your booking you acknowledge that you are taking part in a risk sport and that you are a competent rider at the level you are entering.

26. By making an entry or payment to any of our shows/hire, you are agreeing to our Rules and Regulations (terms and conditions), that can be found on our website www.summerhouseec.co.uk

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